Creativity – the Doorway to Your Soul

Do you consider yourself a creative person? If you work in what is traditionally thought of as a ‘creative’ profession – perhaps as a writer, artist, musician or actor, or if you have a creative hobby, chances are you answered ‘yes’. But many of you may be sitting reading this and thinking ‘I’m just not the creative type.’ But is that really the case? Perhaps what is needed is a fresh look at how we define creativity.

People have always been aware of the link between creativity and spirituality. When we express ourselves via a creative act we are exploring not only our human potential but our soul potential too. However, to assume that anyone who is expressing themselves creatively via art, music or writing has to be on a more ‘spiritual’ path is incorrect. After all – the term ‘inspiration’ literally means in-spirit. Those ‘Eureka!’ moments that literally seem to come out-of-the-blue that have lead to some of our greatest achievements in science, medicine and the arts. Albert Einstein was travelling to work when he came up with E=MC2. Chemist August Kekule received his inspiration for solving the riddle of the benzene molecule in a dream. Flashes of inspiration which lead to creative breakthroughs yet physics and chemistry would not usually be defined as ‘creative’ professions.

When we come up with a new management system or way to do a project at work we are using our creativity. When we change our thoughts or views on a subject we have used our creativity. When we prepare a meal, play with our children, garden, sew, write in our journals, do a DIY project or re-arrange our wardrobe we are using our creativity. When we prepare a financial plan we are using our creativity. When we find a new route to work that avoids traffic jams we are using our creativity. When we visualise we are most definitely using our creativity! We exercise our creativity in thousands of ways every single day without realising it or thinking of ourselves as creative. So, if we were to ask the question, do you consider yourself a creative person – what would your answer be now?

When we think creatively we are using the right or intuitive side of our brains. Research into neuroplasticity tells us that the brain can grow new neural pathways as a result of us thinking differently. By first thinking of ordinary things we do that we take for granted as creative acts, we open up the way for us to be more creative in our thinking. This encourages the neural growth which in turn leads to not only the ability to come up with more creative solutions but as this is the hemisphere of the brain which is associated with intuition, we therefore increase our capacity for spiritual connection and soul growth. Hence – the long association between creativity and spirituality now makes logical sense.

The fact is – we are all creative beings capable of creating change in our world and the world around us. And creativity is like any other skill – the more we practice – the more creative we will become.

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