Daydream Believer! How To Imagine Your Way to Success

Who hasn’t indulged in a spot of daydreaming at one time or another? Some of us may recall tuning out at school during classes whose subject really didn’t resonate with us – and being told off for it! And let’s be honest – as adults we are all prone to the escapism of daydreaming at times when we’re stuck doing something mundane or life appears to be more about spinning our wheels than forward progress.

However, your daydreaming can actually be a powerful tool when it comes to setting and attaining your goals. Many people find affirmations difficult to stick too but as we all know that our thoughts can change our reality and that our minds cannot distinguish between what is real and what we visualise. Therefore because  daydreaming allows us to visualise our goals in great detail and also add the all important ingredient of how we feel into the mix, we can utilise our capacity for daydreaming and turn it into a powerful manifestation tool – and have fun while we do this!

Ready to get dreaming big? Each night before you go to sleep imagine you have the thing you want or are in the situation you want to be in – perhaps that ideal love relationship or dream job. Fill in all the details that you possibly can. See how you are dressed, where you are and above all – what you feel. Really go to town as you allow yourself to drift off to sleep. If you can get into the habit of doing this every night you will find that this can literally fast-track your desires but concentrate just on one goal at a time. Once it becomes a reality then you can move on to another. This is an especially good technique for those of us who lead busy lives and don’t feel they have the time to spend on visualisation techniques. After all – we all have to sleep! Of course, if you do have time then you can indulge yourself in some additional daydreaming time but like any visualisation or meditation exercise, ensure you turn your phone off and won’t be disturbed.

The great thing about using this technique it that it also unlocks our creativity. You are giving your imagination free-rein here and one of the unexpected benefits of this technique is that you may see increased creativity and problem-solving abilities in other areas of your life as a result. It’s important as part of this process that we don’t censor ourselves when we imagine what our future goal looks like. By placing limitations on what we believe is possible for us to achieve we not only limit our opportunity for success, but we can slow or stall the process, stunt our creative growth and also restrict our ability to recognise opportunities to attain our goal once they start to manifest.

Make the time it takes you to drift off to sleep work for you in ways that are only limited by your imagination. This technique is not only easy but also incredibly relaxing too and you may find it a lot easier to get to sleep if this has been a problem for you. You have your dreams for a reason and that is for them to come true. So dream on and wake up to your dreams coming true.

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