Does Quantum Theory Prove We Are All Immortal?

Biocentrism. Just what is that? Well, simply put biocentrism is a fusion of the study of life, physics, astrophysics and quantum mechanics. Pioneered by Dr. Robert Lanza who the New York Times rated as the 3rd most important scientist alive, biocentrism teaches that life and consciousness are fundamental to the universe.  It is consciousness that creates the material universe, not the other way around. In other words, the Big Bang happened when the multiverse – not just the universe, became self-aware.

Dr. Lanza claims that space and time or more to the point, our idea of what these are, are something we carry around with us ‘like turtles with shells’ – meaning that when the shell comes off – or to put it another way, when our physical bodies die and are no longer bound by space and time, we still exist. Furthermore, that our consciousness can be in more than one point in space at time – in other words, although your physical body may be ‘dead’ in this universe it can be very much alive in other parallel one! The idea of these parallel universes was developed back in the 80’s by Stanford professor Andrei Linde and physics now tells us that variations in the background cosmic radiation that telescopes such as the orbiting Planck telescope pick up, is actually generated by other universes close by!

So, we have all these universes existing next to ours that we can say our consciousness may either already be ‘alive’ in or could migrate to after the death of our body in this one. But how does quantum theory prove this? According to Dr. Stuart Hameroff and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose, the microtubules in our brain are processors of quantum information. When the body dies, this information is released from your body – meaning your consciousness departs with it. Our experience of consciousness is actually the result of quantum gravity effects on these microtubules and we’ve just seen the big announcement from scientists on the discovery of the primordial gravitational wave from the Big Bang itself – the rush of consciousness into this universe!

Dr. Hameroff says this also explains ‘near death’ experiences. “Let’s say the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing, the microtubules lose their quantum state. The quantum information within the microtubules is not destroyed, it can’t be destroyed, it just distributes and dissipates to the universe at large.” If the patient is resuscitated, revived, this quantum information can go back into the microtubules and the patient says “I had a near death experience”

So, what all this seems to say is that not only are we immortal, we may exist simultaneously in several universes but it is highly likely that at some point our quantum selves get recycled and end up back here in another body! It can also perhaps explain why when some people have past life regressions they report memories of lives in very different environments to what we encounter here on Earth.

But the most exciting part of this for all of us is that as our understanding of the universe and consciousness expands, it seems merely to prove what the great mystics and teachers of the ages have always said: we truly are immortal, universal beings and death merely is a doorway – perhaps to reconnecting to our true and limitless potential.











One thought on “Does Quantum Theory Prove We Are All Immortal?

  1. Basically I am asking if you think the following is correct. Everything is from dark matter… dark matter lies quantumly with the act of conveying a zero perception… E=mc2 and we are inbred light babies.(sarcasm) m (+ or – )=E/c2 complexing prior via gravity created by a black hole from a (+ or -) star and any electromagnetic waves aka E trapped inside upon collapse. Extrapolation from recent discovery which claims matter can be made from light…I abstracted the following.

    Black holes arn’t compactors. There are infinetly many “event horizons” and on each level of matter, matter is broken down based on the historic events that took place between a previous event horizon.(quantum entanglement from outside) This process takes the complexes of what had been broken down atomicly to create the shape of what we call a universe. For every event horizon passed, more “parallel” events form, happening “relatively” quickly, on the whole, over the course of taking the “fading” events place. As we can percieve relatively only 1 dimensional idea of self, now, by crossing the event horizon it will multiply in the sense our body will cover more space disjointly so that at least a zero dimensional body of me is possible, say a single planet which is capable of sustaining life, to galaxy, ratio, respectively to the complete waveforms transcribed on all past parts me and only me…The distance between 2 different “points”, you and me, should stay “relatively” fixed to an all but absolute extent.So basically though from this perspective things travel in a straight line funneling down to a point, on that line, the relative way in which it quantifies to us is infinite expansion.why time is theorized to “stop”. Basically electromagnetic waves pass through and also into either the matter or antimatter gas cloud of a new forming star one which will (along with its own electromagnetic waves) produce a black hole which then produces a more complex universe (it is because of the excess of either + or – matter the new universe would possess continuic properties, or an evolved form, rather than parallel properties. furthermore the dynamics of the evolution, “rather fluid”, of a single celled organism continuously over the course of billions of years to point of me also technically indicates that this would therefore be a 4 dimensional singular conscious being as well, aka it (not the clown) could be more plant.. buut probably not(sarcasm). Starting from spectral electromagnetic radiation produced by galactic rotations and stars (helical), acting on the earth like a speaker acting on non-Newtonian fluid pulling up the first structure of a cell filling it simultaneously in with increasingly complex helical structures, also the first instance of gender, a quantum state which is reciprocated in sexual and non-sexual reproduction, luffing off into sub cellular division. this over billions of years. The minute electromagnetic pull, after death, on the dna moving things slowly into place for a fluid movement of me resulting in a perfectly perpendicular of matter to the last point of “production”, condensed back down into a “zero dimensional” explosive form, a fertilized egg in this case. (sort of like how earths electromagnetic field moves the hands of a compass). Though the electromagnetic plane waves (when an electromagnetic field decomposes…what it decomposes into…basically sheet version of the field) will be included into the formation of many different stars which will eventually form black holes the first one to produce a new universe should be the one you “phase” in, the rest parallels and essentially first-time existences… any point after the “zero dimension” phase (fertilized egg) mutation occurs unique electromagnetic field results corresponding to the new surrounding…MORE COMPLEX…universe…(physicists call them parallel…and are wrong) and all of this may take several blackhole phases to occur depending on how evolved…encompassing, you were. But probably wont concern any of us for a while…”yawn”…Anyways, eventually the amnesia will subside as we evolve. I wonder how long it will take for the collection of someone’s lifetime of moments, evolving harmonically, to turn parallel to each other and progress as one single happening. Forming a new color via infinite reflection on a point of relative infinity given the inverse square law…?

    Conclusion: Therefore everything percieved present is not and therefore isn’t. Yielding only the concept zero to exist as zero and arguably equal to everything as well as nothing: given the definition applies to disjoint infinite continuity.

    Just infinitely slower than this was presented…lol

    Do you agree? Thoughts?

    Thanks for reading Zachary Zarr.

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