Don’t ask me that question!

So, ‘what do you do?’

There is nothing worse than being pinned to a corner and grilled on your job title. I get beads of sweat just thinking about it! Imagine if Jesus were alive. “So Jesus, what do you do for a living?”. What would Jesus say? “Well mate, I’m a carpenter by trade!”. This simple illustration explains what is wrong with the most common question we are asked and ask when we meet new people.

It’s easy to feel uncomfortable when people ask “what do you do for a living” as many folk have preconceptions. If you’re a psychic for instance, some people immediately conjure up the cliche of a psychic being someone crouching over a crystal ball with a hankie on their head as they visualise a tall handsome stranger.

On top of that, if you have a vocation, and especially an alternative vocation like psychic/astrologer/healer, it is probably only a part of what you do. On my business card I list ‘Warrior of love’ as my profession as I really can’t put into words what I do or who I am in a box!

Instead of asking about someones job title (which rarely covers a souls journey), I prefer to ask “what’s your passion?” or “what inspires you?” as it usually leads to a more interesting answer and you can instantly get to know the person better and avoid the mundane and superficial.

Currently there is an interesting post on on this subject and in it the author suggested an alternative; just ask “what’s your story” instead. This is a brilliant and simple idea!
I often wonder how it became the number one question people ask when they meet someone new. Even if we have the most fabulous, soul enhancing job in the world, it does not define us. It’s incredibly exciting to ask someone what their story is and to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

We are all much more than our material worth. It’s great to change the fundamental small things in life so that we can see new interactions in the world, so unless you’re at a job interview or the job centre, let’s spin it! Next time you meet someone, try asking them what their story is or what their passion is instead, and if someone asks you and you don’t want to answer, just tell them your an international woman/man of mystery!

whoopi ghost gif

How differently would this lot be seen if they were defined by their previous jobs….

Sylvester Stallon was a lion cage cleaner

Whoopi Goldberg was a funeral Make-up Artist for dead people

Walt Disney got sacked as a newspaper editor as he lacked imagination

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