quantum creating – everyday co-creating!

I talk about co-creating your life because in the process of manifestation you are working alongside billions of other souls, all busy co-creating with you.  So what we need to focus on is tweeting our desires to those who share them, rather than trying to force those who don’t to change their minds! Tweeting literally, spiritually and verbally!

So how does it all work?

Ancient spiritual Vedic texts talk about everything in creation being a vast dancing soup of energy from which everything emerges and to which everything stays connected.  And this is exactly what, centuries later, quantum physicists discovered is the case.

Look around you right now. Whatever you are looking at in any one moment might appear to be distinct from what it stands next to, but that’s not how a quantum physicist such as Schrödinger  who very much aligned himself with Vedantic ideas would see it.

He’d say, it might look as though everything is separate, but if you could see at a quantum level, what you’d see is lots of little sparks of energy all flying around in constant motion and actually most of what you are looking at is empty space.

You came from that vast soup of energy, and that is how you are connected to the whole.  At the same time, you have within you a seat of consciousness that let you be the individual that you are, that allows you to have your own thoughts and ideas and place in the universe.  There are aspects of you that are totally unique and aspects that are all about your connection to the whole.

So from a quantum creating perspective, you’re going through your life, expressing your uniqueness by having your own ideas and thoughts and desires alongside billions of other shards of that vast, divine energy soup that are all doing the same thing.  So that’s why we talk about cocreation, because sometimes you are in alignment with what other souls want, and sometimes you aren’t.

Let’s use a really everyday example to show how it works.  You’re out with a good friend and you both get hungry and decide to look for a restaurant.  You want Chinese, they want Indian, so you compromise and end up going for a Pizza.

A meal out isn’t a major deal and there are times when we all balance one desire with another and end up in a compromise that might not deliver us the food we want but lets us enjoy time with a friend.

But when it comes to the really big things in your life, such as finding love or finding a place to work where you are totally in tune with what you’re doing and the people around you, that’s when we need to use the principles of alignment in the awareness that because we’re cocreating alongside billions of other souls, there are going to be some who want what we want and some who want something totally different.

What doesn’t work from a Quantum Creating perspective is trying to persuade someone to want something other than what they actually want.  The effort of that actually puts you out of alignment with your ability to draw in what you do want as you end up in a struggle trying to persuade someone away from their own desires.  We all do that sometimes as those tussles over the channel changer that happen in many homes on a nightly basis show.  But if, for example, we want a loving relationship and we embark of a full blown programme of trying to make someone love us who has made it clear they just want to be our friend, or commit to us when they have left or told us that they are not looking for a committed relationship, the likelihood is that we will end up totally exhausted, not getting what we want and having missed what was for us all along.

So understanding the principle of cocreation reminds us to send little energy tweets out for those who are in alignment with what we want.  Because we are all connected, you can be totally sure that they will find their way to the people who are in alignment with you and that’s the quickest and easiest route to manifesting.

Loads of love,

Michele x


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