Quantum Creating Super-Boost: Keeping the Faith in Your Vision

Quantum Creating Super-Boost

Keeping the Faith in Your Vision

If you are a regular follower of my QC posts then you already understand the link on a Quantum level between our energy and what we attract into our lives. When we set our goals and have a vision for our future, we tend to manifest events, people, things and experiences that are on the same ‘frequency’ as our own energy. Therefore a big part of the QC process revolves around changing our energy – especially when we undergo a Meme Detox ridding ourselves of thought ‘viruses’ that pollute our thoughts and therefore impact on our energy vibration.

So, if you have been doing this incredible soul work and have experienced an energy shift, why does it appear sometimes that the universe just isn’t delivering on its side of the bargain? You’ve done all this hard work yet that ideal relationship, perfect career or even just a radical change in your circumstances has yet to appear? This is the time when doubts can begin to creep in – we doubt the process, start to doubt ourselves and
sometimes even give up.

What we tend to forget when this happens is that timing is something we have no control over. If you’ve ever had a reading chances are your reader has told you that timing is the hardest thing to predict – simply because there are so many other factors in play. As Yoda said : ‘Always in motion is the future’. And we tend to forget this.

The process of manifestation

Let’s take manifesting your ideal relationship as one example. You’ve had that profound energy shift around being open to unconditional love and have on a deep soul level worked on loving yourself more first and foremost. Yet six months later that perfect mate has yet to appear. Has the work been for nothing? Has the universe forgotten you? Does this mean QC doesn’t work?

The answer to all of the above is No! The fact is, the universe is working non-stop to deliver that love connection to you but your mate has not been living in a bubble just waiting for the day when your energy shifts to allow them to come in. Chances are they may be in the process of winding up a previous connection that hasn’t worked out, perhaps they are still processing their last relationship and right this moment because of that, are emotionally unavailable for you. Or they may be in another part of the country or even another country entirely and you are having to wait for the universe to bring about the events where you connect.

There could be a hundred reasons why the timing just hasn’t been right up until now that have nothing to do with you or failing to apply QC successfully! All you need to remember is that when the time is right it will happen and your request is in the process of manifesting.

Stay connected to your vision

It’s the same with that dream job or that home you have envisioned. The job or even the company itself might not exist or be open right now. You may have to wait until the person who already has your position decides to leave or that start-up starts hiring. That dream home may not yet be on the market or the universe knows you have to have your business up and running first. Whatever is or isn’t happening, the universe is aware of the timing that needs to take place for your dream to happen.

No matter how long it takes, keep in mind that timing is the one thing we can’t control and the universe could have something even better in mind for us than we can possibly imagine. Keeping the faith and connection to our vision is what allows the QC process to continue and work for us – so hold on and stay true to those dreams because the universe believes in you – and them. All in good time,

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