Finding your life path

Many people ask my psychics, ‘what is my life path?’ and are looking to find the meaning and passion of their lives. Here are five tips to finding your purpose.

1/ Look in front of you first. When I was younger I never thought that being a psychic or soul teacher would be my life path even though my mother was a psychic. I had grown up around it and so in a way took it for granted. Let’s face it, children tend to want to do the opposite of what their parents do!  Psychic ability was thought normal in our house and I spent ages trying to work out what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. Ironically in that time I was doing psychic readings and reading every available book I could find on the meaning of life! The moral of this story? Sometimes our path is right in front of us! Pay attention to what you’re good at and what you find easy.

2/ Don’t rule anything out – especially what you enjoy. Anything can be a life path! People are often looking for something astonishing or ‘worthy’ when thinking of a life path and can often discount something they love to do! Buddhists would say that there is meaning in everything. If you do a job – whatever it is, from baking to mucking out horses – if it is done with love, focus and intention it heals all it touches. What makes you happy and what do you enjoy everything in life is sacred so find your bliss!

3/ Awaken your child within. Often people have a clear idea of what they want to do when they were a child. What inspired you as a child? What games did you like to play? What kind of people were you drawn to? Whom did you admire? What was your favourite film? Reconnecting to your child within can give you clues to your life path. Allowing yourself to play can also reconnect you to your flow. When we get too serious and look too hard it can put us in limbo. Being playful and having fun can release you and open your mind to new ideas.

4/ Ask for a sign. In my experience the Universe is always listening! Send out a clear intention that you are ready to find your next step and that you are open to embracing what is for you. Keep your eyes open for fascinating new people and perhaps a casual remark will turn the lightbulb on for you to see the first step.

5/ The journey is the destination. Often when seeking the path we can see it as an end result when really walking our path is being in the present moment and embracing each step. Every second of every day is a miracle and deep within that miracle your life is unfolding. Sometimes we feel like nothing is happening but the Universe is busily cocreating our souls journey and things are going on beneath the surface. If you could stand above you life and see the bigger picture you might be surprised to know you are already on your path!

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