Five Simple Steps To Make This Your Most Spiritual Year Yet!

Five Simple Steps To Make This Your Most Spiritual Year Yet!

We’ve spoken a lot about the new consciousness that’s emerging. It’s all very well to talk about entering a new era of spiritual understanding and soul expansion but what can we be doing to make the most of this amazing vibe? You don’t have to meditate every day or decide to give up wine, carbs or shoe shopping to be leading a spiritual life. Just follow to five simple steps below to have your most amazingly spiritual year yet!

1: Put the past behind you.

Stop dwelling on what you didn’t accomplish last yea or at any time in the past. Focus instead on the amazing opportunities that are heading your way in the new year. Your potential is unlimited and the past is no indicator of what the future can bring you unless you keep looking back at it!

2: Learn all you can about a spiritual area that interests you.

This may sound obvious but reading books, watching films with a spiritual message, joining a psychic development group or writing about your spiritual journey in a diary or even a blog opens you up to lessons and opportunities you just wouldn’t have recognised before.

3: Make a difference in some way.

Donate some items you don’t need to charity. Volunteer. Raise awareness for a cause through your social media. Spread messages for positive change. You don’t have to change the world. Just one person – you.

4. Be in the moment.

You don’t have to take time to meditate but at least once a day observe yourself in the moment. Be mindful of what you are doing. When you see every action as a spiritual process you are connected to spirit and leading a spiritual life.

5: Learn to love and value yourself.

This is the big one and the one most of us have the most difficulty with. Self-love has nothing to do with vanity, self-centeredness or being egotistical. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of all those things as people who genuinely love and value themselves have no need to compare themselves to others. Know you are unique and incredibly important not just to the people who care about you but also in how your mere presence here affects the lives of others. Thousands of events and important connections would never have been made if you were not a part of the wonderful whole that is life!

These five steps, despite being simple, can have you vibrating at a higher spiritual level and opening up to new possibilities for living a more connected and soul-purposeful life not just in the new year but beyond.

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