Give me my dream now!

How many books on goal manifestation, visualisation, cosmic ordering or making your dream a reality do you have? Chances are even if you have only one or none at all you’ve seen entire sections of bookstores and Amazon devoted to this subject. Not only is it big business for those writing the books (whose sales incidentally ensure that they are least are manifesting their dreams!) – but goal getting has become a serious business as most of these books remind us. You need to spend time getting clear about your goals, describing your goals in great detail and then committing not just to action plans to make those goals a reality but also to carving out time in order to keep visualising them as if they were already real or repeating them to yourself. It’s hardly surprising then that all this starts to feel very much like hard work and why so many of us stop the process as a result.

Here’s one of the secrets I’ve discovered about Quantum Creating and goal manifestation in general. Our goals should be what excites us, what gets our hearts beating faster not just at the thought of attaining our goal but the whole journey towards them! When we think about our goals we should feel as excited as we did as children looking forward to Christmas Day or the first day of summer holidays. Do you? Chances are while the goal itself may have your heart beating faster at the thought of it, the process itself may be dragging you down and what we need to remember is that it is our emotional connection to our goals – not how many times we repeat affirmations – that determines our success in manifesting it!

So, if you have caught the goal blahs – here’s my quick tip for getting yourself out of them and getting not just a head start towards them again but a heart-starter too. First I want you to pick three totally frivolous, fun goals. Leave the big, long term goals such as starting your own business, getting your Master’s degree or sailing solo around the world on the back burner for now. We are going to connect you back to the passion and joy of having dreams and seeing them come true. So, three totally fun and self-indulgent goals that you can’t afford or have right now but which you could realistically have within say three to six months. These can be anything from a pair of Jimmy Choos, a DSLR camera so you can start that photography course, an overseas holiday, a specific designer dress that you love but is way above your price tag, riding lessons, skydiving  – you are not out to impress anyone with this list but it has to be comprised of three things that you would LOVE to have. Imagine for one minute you have a secret Santa or genie who can just go out and get you these three things – whether it’s Christmas or not. Go, on – indulge yourself!

Now you have your three things as usual write them down as if you have them right now. If you can download pictures of them from the internet and create a folder on your computer for them do that or else clip them out of magazines – this just adds to the process. Now, whenever you can look at your goal pictures – it doesn’t have to be every day – perhaps you want to do this whenever you feel your energy is flagging or things are not going the way you’d like, and reconnect to the feeling of joy and fun you know you will experience when you have them! You will be amazed at what happens as either the money manifests for you to tick those items off your wish list or they are offered to you either at a price within your budget or in the case of experiences, even for free. What’s more, as you reconnect to the fact that goals are supposed to be fun and not hard work, you will begin to see this process pay off with your longer term goals too.

So, go on, have fun with your goals and indulge yourself – because life and our dreams aren’t supposed to be serious – and neither is goal getting!

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