Gratitude transforms

Keeping a gratitude diary and counting your blessings has been proven to improve our sense of well being and has all sorts of other benefits. Sometimes we get caught up in focusing on what we haven’t got rather than what we have. If we are going through a particular problem our energy can focus on that such as health, money or love issues. Where we put that focus is responsible for how we feel by focusing on the wonder and miracles in our life we can turn that energy around which can also help in changing the original block. If we were all given one hour to live we would all feast our eyes and senses on all the wonderful people and things around us, just looking at a flower would be a feast for the eyes! The good news is we do have the power to notice the miracles right now this second!

Professor Robert Emmon’s researches into happiness and wellbeing and reports that gratitude seems to  have a positive impact on many areas of our lives.

People who report high levels of gratitude also feel better about life in general and have more energy.  It looks like gratitude might also protect us against stress or depression. Professor Emmons points out that gratitude doesn’t mean that we close our eyes to anything negative.  It just might help us deal with it more effectively.

Gratitude also shows up alongside the ability to empathise and also to see things from other people’s points of view.  Research conducted by McCullough, Emmons and Tsang also indicates that it is linked with people around us seeing us as more helpful and a greater willingness to support others

There also seems to a link between gratitude and spirituality.  It isn’t tied to any one faith, but people who are grateful are more likely to see how everything is connected and are more committed to being responsible to the whole.

It also has a knock on effect on our view of possessions.  Grateful people are less envious and put less stock on materialism  They are also more likely to share what they have!

With so many good things coming from gratitude, it really is time to get working on that gratitude journal if you’ve been putting it off!

Loads of love,

Michele x

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