Have scientists found a psychic centre in the brain?

One case study that throws up the possibility of there actually being a part of our brain that lights up when we are using psychic skills might not be enough to bring the scientific community to a halt, but hopefully it’s enough for them to keep looking!

In a one-off study done at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in Bangalore in 2009, fMRI scans of someone involved in a test of telepathy were compared against someone doing the same task who showed no psychic ability.

Researchers drew images on a piece of paper and then the two men taking part in the experiment were asked to tune in and see if they could use psychic skills to pick up what had been sketched.  The scans were taken at the time the two men were tuning in and then the drawings compared.

The man said to have psychic ability came up with a sketch that included important similarities to the one drawn by researchers, but the sketch by the man who claimed to have no psychic ability was markedly different.  Take a look at the original paper and see for yourself what the men drew.

Scans showed that the man believed to have psychic ability showed activity in an area of the brain called the right parahippocampal gyrus, but the scans of the brain of the man who said he had no psychic ability showed activity in an area called the left inferior frontal gyrus.

In discussion of the findings, the paper suggests that this, along with other studies, could link psychic skills like telepathy or remote viewing with the right cerebral hemisphere, especially the right posterior cortical and hippocampal regions. It also talks about further studies (which I’ll look at in another article!) showing that there is a link between the hippocampal regions and empathy, and particularly the kind of empathy that psychics demonstrate.

Of course we need a lot more studies like this before we can say with absolute certainty that there are parts of the brain that we can link with psychic ability, just like there are parts that are linked with speech production or processing.  But it’s a great start!

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