Having problems letting go? Watch this!

Letting go is something we all struggle with at times. Clinging onto that pesky ex, hanging around with friends that no longer serve us. Resisting changing jobs even when we know it is time. Unconsciously repeating the same patterns over and over with the illusion that it is comforting even though it may be destructive.

The irony is that when we let go things undoubtably change for the better. It is resistance to change that stops us growing. Our psychic intuition is a tool we all have, ok some souls may not be as aware of the their psychic ability but we all have a sixth sense which can guide us if we take the time to listen. We have a powerful soul compass that KNOWS when it is time to move on.

In this video Michele connects with the redwood trees which are sacred to the Native Americans. Nature can be said to be the original google! If we tune in and listen to ourselves, pay attention to what nature is trying to tell us and have the courage to let go when it is time, it is then that we can learn to fly, evolve, and be free.

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