Help – is it a sign I should give up?

I’ve talked a lot about how synchronicities, or seemingly chance events when things just click or come together, start to happen when we step into our power and get into the flow.

All of a sudden we bump into all the right people, or unexpected opportunities pop up in places where we never even thought they would show.

We love synchronicities because they have that fantastically magical feeling to them.  Also, when things just come together magically it’s as though the universe is blowing us a big kiss.  Synchronicities feel like a line of neo bright signs in the sky that say ‘Yes!’ or ‘This way!’

But what happens if we meet an obstacle?  Is that a kind of synchronicity too?  Is that the universe’s way of saying, ‘No’ or ‘Not now’?  Are we being sent cosmic hints that we should turn back or try something else?

How do we know when no is no?

Ask anyone who is successful at what they do whether it’s all been green lights and plain sailing along the way and they will tell you, absolutely not.  So how did they know that when they hit a road block, it wasn’t a big sign that they should give up?

The difference is, most people who make it love what they do.  They might have an end destination in mind, but they get so much from doing whatever will take them there on a daily basis that it sees them through the ups and downs we all face.

From a quantum creating perspective, it’s all about vibration.  Psychologists have long recognised that what we might think of as powerfully motivating rewards actually don’t do it for us over the long term.   We all need enough money to live on, but there comes a point where even more cash doesn’t cut it.  We all need to be treated with respect, but going up the ladder and having more status only gives us a short term buzz.  But when we feel that we are growing, stretching, being at our best and getting to express love through what we do, it gives us a huge level of spiritual and emotional satisfaction that sustains us every day.

So what does all of this mean?  If you’ve set your heart on something and you hit an obstacle, it’s not necessarily a huge message that you’re going in the wrong direction.  Ask yourself, how does it make you feel?  If there’s no dent in your vibration and you love doing what you do, carry on.  If not, it’s a chance to refine your approach.  How could you tweak what you do so that you love doing it for doing’s sake?

The only time that it’s worth wondering whether you’ve been given a sign that you are heading in the wrong direction is if running into an obstacle makes you realise that doing what you do does nothing for you any more, that you’re just going at it out of habit, or because you haven’t given yourself time to check in with yourself and realise that, actually, you’ve changed and you want something different now.

Pay attention to your dreams, your intuition and ask the Universe to give you a sign. Trust that what is for you will not pass you by but live with passion! You can use this advice in love as well. How does the person make you feel? Do you have the same idea of what a relationship is? What does your real gut feeling about the relationship tell you? Have faith that if you step away because it is wrong for you that life will bring you the what you need.

It’s a bit of a head scratcher at first to get the idea that our ability to create doesn’t actually depend on how successful we are, it depends on how doing what we do makes us feel.  If it makes us feel connected, alive and full of joy and juice, we are on the right track.  And  even if we do run into a roadblock, that’s when those pesky obstacles just seem to melt away.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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