Get off the problem merry-go-round! Holistic problem solving

Get off the problem merry-go-round!

Holistic problem solving

Perhaps you’re struggling with that credit card debt you ran up over Christmas; only paying off the minimum every month and unable to make a dent in the balance. Your love life is hardly a bed of roses; let alone passion, and you just can’t seem to escape that humdrum job no matter how hard you try. All these kinds of scenarios are serious soul and spiritual matters – but they are also soul growth opportunities too.As I’m always saying – the entire universe is made up of energy.

There’s money energy, love energy, creative energy – just to name a few. And each one has a different vibration. Very often if we are experiencing lack in one area of our lives, we are also having problems with another one. Which is why if you want to begin to focus your energy around money problems, for example, you have to take a holistic view and look at all the areas of your life that may have an energy blockage or be out-of-alignment and not just one.

Balance your energy

When our energy is out of balance even in one area, let alone two or more, what this means is that manifesting our goals just becomes harder. Often when this happens this feels so painful we self-medicate in all the wrong ways – we may binge eat or drink, over-spend when we know we really shouldn’t, choose a relationship we know deep down is wrong because we are lonely or cut ourselves off from the flow of life becoming depressed.

If any of this sounds all-too-sadly-familiar, then it’s time to do something about it. First of all, keep in the front of your mind this is soul work and whatever you do – don’t judge yourself. You need to let go of any thoughts such as ‘I’m no good with money’ or ‘Love is what happens to others, not me’. Now, without judgement, list the areas of your life that deep down you know are out of balance keeping that holistic view in mind. Is it just one area or more than one? Often we can have an energy problem in one area but it manifests in negative behaviour in another.

Let’s say for example you’re stuck in a job you hate. Your job makes you feel so drained and depressed that you don’t feel like doing anything after work. Instead you’re going home and self-soothing by having one too many glasses of wine and not eating properly and as a result you’ve put on weight and you’re feeling isolated. Many people would focus on the weight gain first but what’s fueling it is the work situation – in other words, fix the work situation and the weight and feeling cut off fixes itself.

Focus your energy

But it’s important to understand from a holistic point of view what’s happening first so you can focus your energy accordingly. Once you have identified the areas in your life where there’s an imbalance and if you’ve come up with more than one, focus on the most pressing one first. If say you are having money problems then it’s time to focus your energy first on managing the money you DO have and then move on from there to how to increase it. ‘Where intention goes, energy flows’ applies here. Make a list of all your expenses for a month – everything you buy even that latte on the way to work, and I guarantee that even if you don’t consider yourself money minded you will be by the end of the month and you will feel in control of your finances again.

It’s a funny thing about taking this approach, that as we begin to direct our energy at the area which requires the most attention, other imbalanced areas begin to shift too. I’m not saying they won’t require some effort but often you will find that you fix the main problem and others no longer exist. The secret is to be aware of how they are linked which is why a holistic view is the key to solving all your energy blockages – once and for all.

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