How the Internet is Fuelling the New Soul Evolution

Is connectivity our path to the next stage in our soul evolution?  Many believe it may be. When we back look at the massive leaps that have occurred in our consciousness throughout history, these milestones have coincided with an expansion in our ability to communicate and connect with one another. The abolition of slavery and child labour. Women’s suffrage. When we look back in history we see that these movements were all preceded by an expansion of knowledge and communication. As we moved into the industrial age we not only saw the start of mass communication in the form of newspapers appearing thus making more people aware of key issues, but with education becoming available to all, literacy was not just confined to the upper echelons of society. We can therefore say that information like the wheel, has played a key role in our evolution – and continues to do so.

There’s no doubt technology and the internet has changed our lives. But I believe the most exciting thing about the new connectivity that is emerging is its potential to fuel a new phase of our soul evolution. In the same way early newspapers highlighted social issues of the time bringing them to the attention of society, today’s internet and social media performs the same function – but on a global scale. No matter who you are or what you are doing – you now have no place to hide as individuals become their own global media networks thanks to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the devices that fuel them such as smart phones and tablets.

Scientists are now discovering that while all this technology can be addictive, this in fact may not be as negative as previously thought. For example, Professor Robert E. Kraut who originally conducted tests with internet users which pointed to the internet fuelling addiction and social isolation has reviewed his findings in light of his latest research which links the hormones oxytocin and dopamine to internet use. These are the hormones which the brain produces when we are in love. In other words, connecting with people on-line actually boosts these levels in our brains making us more empathic, sympathetic and open!

We are now moving away from inter-connected networks to ‘environments’ hosted by Cloud technologies where there will be a greater emphasis not on how we connect to others but how we co-create with them. How we are all individual transmitters which has its own unique contribution to make co-creating a system that connects them to every other being – in other words a paradigm shift in our entire consciousness on a planetary level.

If we begin to see ourselves as co-creators – rather than just passive victims of fate, then we become true warriors for evolution and change. The great thing is all of us now have the ability to start to make those changes with the click of a mouse every time we share a story of injustice on the timeline of our Facebook page.

To take it one step further, theoretical physicist Professor Michio Kaku has put forward a theory that human consciousness may be nothing more than information – we may be our own supercomputers which can be downloaded into these portable data storage devices known as human bodies! It seems metaphysics and physics are meeting – not just on-line but at the forefront of human consciousness and our soul evolution.

So do something positive and beautiful online today and know that we are all a virus that spreads!

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