How to achieve the impossible…

Let’s talk about intention – in other words, the power behind our goals and getting things done. Most of us can remember a time when we were under pressure to get something done. Maybe this was a work project with a deadline, preparing for a test or an exam, coming up with enough money to meet either an unexpected bill or for something you really, really wanted to have or do. Or getting somewhere quickly to be with someone who needed you. Most of the time, no matter how hairy the deadline or what barriers lay between you and your goal, you achieved it. That’s because your entire attention, energy and resources were focussed at that point in time at that one goal. You backed this up with determination and usually the belief that no matter what, you would accomplish this. This is the power of intention.

We’ve also all heard stories about mothers being able to lift cars up off their trapped children when normally they would struggle even carrying their child. Again, this is the intention focussed during a crisis. Of course, one does not need a crisis to occur to be able to tap into this incredible power that resides within us all. We can all utilise this ability simply by shifting our focus onto one major goal we want to achieve. And ‘focus’ is the key word here. Think about a laser beam. That is concentrated light, right? Ordinary light is diffuse. On a sub-atomic level particles of light scatter in all directions and bump around into one another. So, they can even interfere with one another by doing this. A laser however aligns all the particles so they are beamed in one direction, layering them upon each other so instead of being scattered and diffuse, the light becomes so powerful it can be channelled to cut through objects. But it is still light! Now you can understand the difference.

Now you understand this you can focus all your intention towards one major goal. For a while you are going to have tunnel vision as you bring to it the intention laser-like attention it deserves. Your heart knows which goal it is so please listen to it if you have several big goals right now and be guided by your intuition which is always your best compass. Now, think back to a time where you focussed your intention on something you absolutely, positively had to have or do. As you feel that emotional focus come back to you, now direct it onto this goal and keep it focussed there. Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have the ability to manifest this goal – just as you manifested whatever it is you were trying to achieve in the past. You already have proof the process works but now you are consciously honing and using it.

As the saying goes: Where intention goes, energy flows! Focus your attention on your goal and you will begin to see incredible progress towards it as synchronicities and opportunities line up in your laser line-of-sight. Turn on the power of intention and transform your life.

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