How to increase your luck today

Do you always fall on your feet and get the breaks, or does life seem to be against you?  Professor Richard Wiseman studied the habits of the lucky and wrote his findings up in a book called The Luck Factor.

He discovered that so called luckier people do get more breaks than the rest of us – but it isn’t down to luck at all.  It’s all down to the fact that they behave differently because they see the world in very specific ways.

Wiseman’s book is well worth reading, especially if you want the science behind the smiles of those who just seem to be more blessed than others. But if you want to get lucky, here’s a few tips on how.

Change your story.  Listen out for you reeling off a list of things in life that prove it’s not fair or against you.  That’s just plain bad hypnosis.  The truth is, because your life is still playing out you can’t say with absolute certainty whether something that had an impact big or small was bad or good because you haven’t reached the final conclusion yet.  Think about all the times that something happened and you thought it was bad at the time, but it turned out to be something good in the long run.  You lost a job, but found a much more satisfying career.  You failed an exam, but it gave you the boost you needed to change direction and do something much more in alignment with your dreams.  It’s not about being right or wrong.  It’s about how the story you tell affects your mood, which affects how you carry yourself in the world.  I would add it also affects your vibration, and if you’re into manifestation you’ll know that vibration is all because you attract things and people on a similar vibration.

Do the opposite. We’re not talking being stubborn here.  We’re talking about opening up your life from top to toe – from the neural pathways that run your brain to what you have for breakfast.  Grooves are great on the dance floor but elsewhere they keep your life stuck, so shake it up.  If you always wear black, wear every other colour you can lay your hands on and don’t worry if they clash.  If you always go to the pub on Friday night, go somewhere else.  Breaking the routine and opening up your life allows space for magic and miracles to squeeze in.

Give what you can where you can. Maybe you can do one day a month as a volunteer, maybe all you have to give is a smile to everyone you pass in the street.  We are social creatures and crave connection.  Science tells us that there are feel good benefits to generosity for those who give.  On a spiritual level, we are all one and when you connect with others you send little twitches throughout the invisible web of energy that links us all that can travel as far as the next contact you need to make.

Be grateful. Notice what’s good and obsess over it.  Optimists and pessimists live in the same world but they zoom in on different things within it.  And the good news is that you can train your brain to be optimistic.  It might seem like a real paradox, but when it comes to manifestation you can only really bring about change where you already love and appreciate what you have.  That’s when you get in the flow.

The conclusion of Wiseman’s research was that so called lucky people went a long way to creating their opportunities, and that’s something we can all do no matter who we are or where we have come from.

loads of love,

Michele x

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