How to live your dream

Life involves lots of compromises of all kinds. Most of us have to give a little of something that we want to get something else we need.  In this way, we balance our intuitions, dreams and even the call of our souls with practicality.

We want to follow our bliss in what we do for a living, but we need to pay the rent, so we embark on a career path we know will never nurture our deeper selves and promise ourselves that ‘one day’ we will listen to the calling of our souls.  Only that day never comes.

We stay in situations that our intuitions scream is wrong for us and tell ourselves that we can’t leave because the path ahead isn’t clear.  We stay because it’s safe and going means stepping into the unknown. If we could only take that first step, the ground might rise up to meet us, but we can’t know that because we never take that first step.

We have a dream but we refuse to do anything to ground it and bring it to life until we know it will work.  Not only that, but we want to know how it will work, by what date and if possible around what time.  And what the pay scale is.

The problem is that there is always a good reason why we have to numb out the call of our souls, ignore our intuition and dampen our dreams.

Living a life that is an authentic and brave expression of our uniqueness and harnessing the power of our soul involves at least agreeing to meet ourselves half way.  I always caution against taking excessive risks and reckless behaviour, but then I also recognise the paradox in that I can certainly say that my life is as it is today because I’ve taken leaps of faith at various points.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of how we approach our decisions and developing a mind set where we can bring in just a bit more creativity and flexibility to our thinking around what’s possible, what we can do or the conditions that we set around doing it.

When we hear the calling of our souls, it isn’t always about having to resign from our jobs tomorrow or packing to leave a relationship immediately.

But perhaps what we can do is take that short course or evening class in something that interests  us.  We can find out if there’s a book club or writers’ circle where we live, and if there isn’t, we might start one.  We can go on line and tap into a wealth of experience from people all over the world who are already growing their own vegetables in their garden.  We can embrace these things with no end in mind but the understanding that it’s going to make our journey that bit more exciting and fulfilling and that we’re going to meet others who inspire us and whom we inspire along the way.

One of my friends just did a one day course in scything. She lives in a flat above a shop and doesn’t even have a garden.  But she did it for the moment when, having cut a fairly respectable swathe through a patch of long grass, she suddenly looked up and saw skylarks wheeling overhead in a flawless blue sky and felt that all was truly right in her world.  Last year, I took up sea-kayaking.  I’m never going to be world class at it, but that’s not why I do it.  I do it because it gives me that sensation of joy and happiness that you get when you are splashing about in water lit up by the sun.

Meet your sacred self half way and more golden experiences will come.When you hear your soul calling, listen.  Don’t dismiss what it has to say straight away.  So often, we wait for life to happen to us when the message of The Fool – my favourite card in the Tarot – is so clear.  When we take that leap of faith and step out into the unknown, the way becomes clear.  We create our own worlds, adding lines, colour, shade, depth and texture, and then populate them with other like-minded souls, with every brave step we take.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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