How to solve your problems

An incredible bit of research has discovered that it is easier for us to solve other peoples problems and think of creative solutions than it is to solve our own.

When I find my self in a difficult spot or don’t know how to sort out a problem, I often think ‘If I were my best friend what would I advice would I give?” This always works like a dream and instantly I know the ‘truth’ of the situation.

Perhaps when we are in a difficult situation – particularly when it comes to love – we have an incredible ability to cloud the problem or delude ourselves! Four studies were carried out which showed that, not only are we better at problem solving, but awe lso more creative when we are imagining things as if someone else was doing it.  The study found that if participants were asked to draw something for a creative story, it was more inventive if they imagined a story someone else would write.

Some might say this is a great psychological trick.  But perhaps when we open up to what other people would do we are actually reaching into the endless pool of our Universal consciousness and bringing forward ideas and solutions that are usually beyond our individual reach.

I believe this is how quantum creating works and that in time we will discover the power and magic of our connection as a whole.  Along with that, we will learn how to harness it not only for our individual benefits, but also for our global good.

Either way, if you’re tussling with a problem today, try solving it by thinking it belongs to someone else.  If you’re stuck in an assignment and can’t find the words, imagine yourself as a great writer somewhere else in the world who finds it easy to express themselves!

Loads of love,

Michele x

Read that study in full

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