Is Consciousness the Real ‘God Particle’?

The physicists who discovered the Higgs boson hate the term ‘God particle’. After all, physics has taken great steps to disassociate itself from religion. However, ‘God particle’ is certainly good for generating publicity. The fact that the Higgs boson is thought to be one of the basic building blocks of the universe is seen as taking physics one step closer to explaining creation – or why were are all here. Hence the term ‘God particle’.

However, many physicists feel that the Higgs boson may only lead us to better understand a small part of our universe. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe containing thousands of trillions of stars. Yet, all this only accounts for just four per cent of everything contained in our universe. The rest is made up of what is known as ‘dark matter’ or perhaps even more exotic particles than the Higgs boson. It may be the Higgs boson enables us to understand this more.

But that still doesn’t answer questions about life or the evolution of consciousness. How did we and everything else that is living come to be? Many physicists including Professor Menas Kafatos author of The Non-Local Universe, believe that the key to answering why we are here lies in asking why are we conscious? Professor Kafatos’ ground breaking particle experiments in the late 90’s proved that particles are ‘entangled’ – even when separated by billions of light years! This discovery defies theories on the speed of light. Prior to this, Richard Feynman discovered that particles have no fixed form at all – they exist within the quantum field as pure potential or a ‘wave’ and only collapse into particle form when observed.

Mind-bending stuff but what this shows us is the universe itself exists as pure potential. The emerging theory is now that the entire universe is an all-pervasive, conscious field which what we call ‘mind’ is plugged into. Think of it like the film The Matrix except of course this is completely benign. This all-encompassing consciousness created individual consciousness – in other words ‘us’ and also every living thing. Our ‘mission’ is if you like to go out and have experiences which are uploaded into the universal matrix – hence free will. If so, consciousness is the true ‘God particle’ as it would form the building blocks of creation, something all of us would be contributing to every single second of our existence.

How much more empowered would we all feel if we knew we were part of something so immense? Also, it would answer many questions as to life itself and what ‘reality’ really is. Quantum entanglement proves all partciles in the universe are ‘entangled’. The unified field theory points to us all being part of a universal consciouness. We are therefore all joined on every level. So, did we bring the universe into consciousness or did it bring us? As Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson summed it up: ‘In some sense, the universe knew we were coming.’

2 thoughts on “Is Consciousness the Real ‘God Particle’?

  1. Doug Erhard I love science but isn’t why how we discover things. I don’t think we would have gotten very far if we did not ask why. I don’t know what happens to consciousness when we die nor does anyone fully understand consciousness. but shouldn’t we ask why to see if there is something more to consciousness than evolution alone. I don’t know Doug your beliefs are probably right. We evolved and got lucky or unlucky, depending on your perspective, and became self aware, conscious beyond mere animal consciousness. An extreme form of self awareness if you look at all the animals and living creatures on earth nothing like human self awareness exist anywhere. Yet were not suppose to ask why. No one is saying Atheist are wrong no one is saying for sure anything. But would it not be cool to actually know. Atheist are more like Christians than they realize. Both jump the gun to shoot down anything that challenge there idea of the universe. I neither Christian or Atheist. I do have a bias or a hope though Doug My hope for spirituality is in Physics particularly Quantum Physics. I think it is perfectly plausible that consciousness never truly dies and though we never will know it we might live forever in a crazy multiverse full of multiple dimensions where we constantly wake up again and again forever. Is this proven science? You know its not and it may never be or it may be proven wrong. But asking why is the reason we are here. I have hope even if that hope proves folly! To me why we are aware and not living by pure instinct and intelligence makes no sense when nowhere on earth has it repeated and even looking at Paleontology books it seems as if even evolutions purpose was to create mankind. Like all the other creatures were just happen stance.

  2. If physicists really want to disassociate from religion, why on Earth do they form “why” questions at all? “Why” questions are the realm of philosophy and religion. So, instead of asking “why are we consciousness?, ask “HOW?”

    Keep out of where you don’t belong.

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