Is there such a thing as a safe risk?

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of anything good that has come into my life without involving a risk of some kind.  When we take a risk, we basically roll the
cosmic dice and say, okay universe.  I don’t know for sure what is going to happen next, but I am absolutely certain that this is something I’m willing to take a gamble with so bring it on!

Risks come in all shapes and sizes and at the end of the day it’s really down to us whether we want to risk anything at all or play life totally safe.  There are some risks that frankly I wouldn’t take – like jumping out of a plane with a parachute!  But so often, as we go through live, we can evoke a kind of prayer to the universe that goes like this – ‘Please make my life change, but keep everything exactly as it is!’ which is something the universe just can’t fulfil because even a change for the better brings risk, so all it will do is scratch its head and wait whilst you make up your mind about what you really want!

Or we can try and do a deal with risk itself.  We can try to demand certainty, even though there is no such thing as a risk with a totally certain outcome.  We can say, okay universe, I’m willing to take this risk, but I need to know exactly how it’s going to work out by when and you had better let me know before I budge an inch.  Again, that leaves the universe puzzling over what we really want – more certainty, which means more of what we already have, or more growth and expansion, which often entails not knowing exactly how things are going to work out.

Here are a few risks I have taken in my life that have paid off.

1/Taking the risk to love again.  I don’t know anyone who has never had their heart broken, but in those moments we can think, that’s it, I’ll never love again and we can totally shut our hearts down.  To me, that’s actually a much bigger risk than choosing to love again because love really doesn’t discriminate and it we shut our hearts down to romantic love, we shut down to loving, period.

2/Taking the risk of going for it, even when things aren’t perfect.  I had a call to go on
television just after I’d ripped my little toe half off.  The idea of going on national television in my slippers wasn’t something I could contemplate, nor did I want to say no, so I shoved my poor foot into my favourite cowboy boots, ignored the pain and went on anyway!  So often we can hang back waiting for the right time or the right conditions when actually if we just went for it, the road would rise up to meet us, like the Fool in the Tarot!

3/Giving people another chance.  This is different from forgiving, because you can forgive someone even if you never see them again for any reason.  But in my life people have asked for second chances and I’ve gone with it.  It doesn’t always pay off, but the times that it has makes it something I’m always willing to consider.  As we go through life, we all make mistakes and one of the greatest gifts you can give someone is a second chance and the opportunity to change.

4/Listening to my instincts.  Actually, this is something that can feel like a risk but over the years has proved to me to be the wisest course of action.  Often, when  everything looks brilliant on the outside, my instincts jump up and shout no.  Our instincts are quite literally fool-proof.  We don’t always follow them or listen to what they have to say, but they are an extraordinarily powerful source of information.

5/Stretching myself to do something new. I might have an advantage here as a fearless Aries, but I love keeping life fresh by trying new things and learning new skills.  Last summer I took up sea kayaking and absolutely adored it.  Constantly challenging ourselves to grow and expand is what gives our experience of being alive its juice.

Loads of love,

Michele x


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