Is there such a thing as a wrong decision?

As we go through life we make millions of big and small decisions on everything from which route we’re going to take to get to somewhere to what we are actually going to do in terms of our career. Most of what you’re doing today, from the clothes you put on to how you actually spend your time, came from a decision either you or someone else made in the run up to it.

The point when we make a decision is actually a fascinating moment from a vibrational point of view. If you think about it, the moment of decision is the second where you actually give birth to an idea and push it out into the world. It emerges on a wave of energy, and the quality of that energy is going to feed in to how it unfolds. It’s the difference between coming at it with a feeling of ‘this is what I’m going to do’ and ‘Well if I choose that, this could go wrong, but if I choose that, it might go really badly too. But I have to do something, so I’ll do this – but I really don’t want to!’

There is an art to decision making. You might think that people who are successful never make ‘bad’ decisions, but this isn’t true. They just tend not to think about it in those terms. Successful people tend to feel more comfortable about making decisions (you never hear a ship’s captain calling, ‘Hey! Anyone! Where do you think we should head next? Anyone?) so as a result, as soon as they have spotted that they have made one that isn’t turning out as they desired, they simply make another and change the course.

Empowering ourselves to actually make decisions means moving from thinking about them as being bad or good and understanding that they are part of an unfolding process that we can monitor and sometimes correct by – guess what, making another decision! You can even take what some might call a terrible decision and turn it into something that transforms your life.

Huna wisdom urges us to pour our focus into what we want. I certainly find that the more I do that, the more I create what I want and am inspired to create more and the less I think about all the tiny little corrections I might have made along the way. I can even think about decisions that at the time felt huge that didn’t actually turn out as I hoped, but might have led to something totally unexpected and wonderful showing up in my life as a result.

Funnily enough, the more you step into your power, the more you can gently coax your past mistakes from where they might have been fearfully cowering in the shadows and see them transform as they move towards the light and reveal their true nature. Each was a sacred, divine catalyst that helped you in your soul’s journey to reach your present point of evolution. And when you know that, you can approach each decision you need to make in the future with eagerness and anticipation.

Loads of love
MIchele x