Is what you want already here?

Are you waiting, hoping, planning, scheming and dreaming for good things to show up in your life, but so far nothing has appeared?  It might actually be right under your nose but literally invisible to your eye!

Scientists have long recognised that there is a big difference between looking and seeing.  It’s a difference that explains why you can drive yourself nuts turning your cupboards inside out for something, only to have someone else coolly walk over and pick it up straight away.  It also explains all of those car accidents when people run into things that seem to appear out of nowhere.

It’s all to do with our attention or focus.  That’s something that scientists are very interested in studying, and shamans are very aware of because it’s very much a part of their magical toolbox.  Shamanic wisdom tells us that our attention or focus acts like a psychic laser, cutting through the entire cosmos to shine a light on what we are trying to find.

Here’s how to develop your focus like a shaman:

1/Ditch any really fixed ideas of how something is going to show up.  Maybe you’ve been trying to manifest a new car and you’ve got so fixated on it that you’re oblivious to the opportunity that’s opening up to your left for a new job that could boost your income and give you the cash you need to buy it.  Magical manifestation often draws on synchronicities that can sometimes take us in lateral leaps to where we want to get to, but if you’re only looking one way, you won’t see them.

2/Keep it fresh.  Sarah (not her real name) is now madly in love and having the most fabulous relationship with someone she’s known for years but never thought of in that way.   It all happened when a heart to heart turned into a passionate kiss and she’s stunned that she’s been so close to love without being able to see it was right by her side all along.  We do tend to stick things in boxes in our lives that means we are actually placing limitations that dissolve when we shake up the way that we see things.  What treasures could you be overlooking in your life?

3/Polish up your lens.  We all look at the world through individual lenses made up from everything from our past experiences to our emotions in the moment.  Optimists and pessimists live in the same world, they just see it differently.  A Course in Miracles tells us that a miracle is only a change in perception.  What can you shift in terms of how you are looking at your life to make the miracles happen?  It might just be as simple as hauling your focus from everything that’s wrong to everything that is right.

4/Stop looking.  Relax and have fun.  It might seem counter-intuitive, but it really does work.  Sometimes the more intense we get about trying, the less we can actually get done.  Yet when we relax, stop trying and slip into the flow, everything we were trying to achieve obediently hops into place.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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