Ultimate guide to manifesting your desires.

Ultimate guide to manifesting your desires

As a child I firmly believed in magic and even though we were poor I held on to the belief that anything is possible. I was certain there was some ‘secret’ out there waiting to be discovered and once I found it, then the life I wanted would be mine. My first success at manifesting was when I wished on a dandelion for the chopper bike I desperately wanted. There seemed little chance of me getting one as back then my mother was working two jobs as a cleaner and a night nurse as well as her work as a psychic just to pay the mortgage after my father died. There just wasn’t enough money for essentials let alone a new bike.

I remember visualising the chopper bike seeing myself riding through the local park as I blew on the dandelion seeds. I’d heard that if you did this your wish went straight up to heaven and would be answered. I put all my energy into it and then let it go, sure that it would arrive. Little did I know that this was exactly what I needed to do and I had tapped into what years later would be known as Cosmic Ordering. A few weeks later I woke up to a beautiful red chopper (the exact colour I wanted!) at the end of my bed! My mother bought it from a catalogue and paid it off every week for years but for me this was proof positive that magic did indeed exist!

Quantum Creating

I knew however that there was more to it than that. There had to be a way to become a beacon for our desires, magically drawing our dreams to us and living our lives fully in our soul power which in turn evolves the whole in ways that benefit not just us – but others too. I was now on a quest of discovery and from this Quantum Creating was born.

Quantum Creating is a fusion of both ancient spiritual wisdom and Quantum physics which at their heart say the same thing: we are all connected and what we think of as ‘reality’ is in fact nothing but energy vibrating at different frequencies. To give a simple idea of how this works – your body is not solid matter. There is more empty ‘space’ between the atoms that make it up than there are solid particles. The ‘vibration’ frequency of which gives the illusion you are solid – but you are in fact an energy being and a divine shard of the universe. In fact, we are all just reflections of the universe according to many theories – which tie in with the Buddhist belief that life is just a dream!

So, the fact we are beings of energy is at the heart of Quantum Creating. Change the frequency of your energy and you will change not only what you attract, but the speed at which you can attract it. Because we are all connected, as you evolve, you evolve the whole. How do we change our energy frequency to become Quantum Creators in our own lives? It’s easier than you think!

Step One: Awaken to Who You Really Are – A Unique Soul

You are a unique shard of God, the Universe or whatever label you would like to call it. No one can take your place and without you endless synchronicities and events would not happen. You are so powerful that just by walking down the street you can change someone’s life forever. Strings of coincidences would not happen if you were not here. Your unique ‘vibration’ creates ripples of energy which touches and teaches others. We are all in a sacred dance and each action has a reaction. Your energy effects everything and is the very thing that gives you the power to create.

Equally other people effect you in the same way you can’t separate your power from you uniqueness as your uniqueness is your power. The first step to Quantum Creating is to go within and remember who you are. To find your inner voice, to be fearless in expressing your unique self. Most importantly it is not a selfish process but about helping others, when we help others achieve their dream we not only change the vibration of the Universe but we draw more potential towards us. We are, after all, all one on some level.

Step Two: Have a Belief Detox

Ideas and words are like spells. The best inspire us. The worse keep us trapped and limited. How many ideas and beliefs do you carry around that are either a) not your own but handed down by parents, teachers, friends, family, your boss, the media or b) negative self-limiting beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of? These thoughts are what affect your energy and your power to attract what you want. When you know who you are, you cannot be limited by someone else’s beliefs. Ideas are like a virus and are catching (can’t get the birdy song out of your head? It’s a meme!) Take an inventory of your ideas each week to make sure you have not become infected by someone else’s ideas! What you think and believe is what you create.

Step Three: Connect and Give Back

If you’ve followed steps one and two you are now a beacon for your desires sending our a clear calling signal out across the universe for what you want to attract. And when you’ve done that – give back with random acts of kindness and help wherever you can. There’s so much truth in the saying ‘What goes around comes around’. You now know you can change not only your own life – but those of others – just by being your authentic self with the power of Quantum Creating a true touch of manifestation magic thrown in!

First published in Soul and Spirit magazine

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