My life is a disaster

I hope that whoever you are and wherever you are, you are having a fabulous day. But you might be reading this on a day when life has thrown you a curve ball. Maybe you’ve gone into work and heard rumours of redundancy, or perhaps a relationship has ended, or you’ve been dealt a blow of some other kind.

We all get thrown curve balls in life but if it’s recently happened to you, hold on before you come to any kind of decision about what it all means. It may just be the best thing that could happen to you. I know that sounds odd and you might be thinking, but my world has just fallen apart, how could this possibly be the best thing that could happen to me?

Every single one of us is here on a journey of the soul’s evolution and if you could see what happens in your life on a day to day basis through the soul’s eyes, you’d know that even when things might look a bit bleak, all is truly well. Some things in life, such as death or injustice, seem impossible to cope with, but in a way life itself is an illusion in the context of our eternal soul.  We all come here with a ticket home and everyone, no matter who we are, is going to die.

I believe our soul and our essence is immortal and death is like entering a different room and going on a different adventure. However, when we are here, we need to savour every moment of the miracle. Life really is an incomprehensible magical experience that we often take for granted and if we took a moment to think about how profound and beautiful it is to be alive we really would awaken. There is unity that it can be hard to see through the eye of any emotional storm we may find ourselves in.

Splitting up from a lover or losing job or not being where we feel we should be can often cause a profound sense of loss.

Whilst we can do a great job of convincing ourselves that one thing in our lives is impossible to live without, the soul also sees with the eyes of truth. We can distort our perception until it’s just not possible for us to see beyond a person, job or situation to perceive that actually they aren’t really that good for us, and if we get fixated with the idea that our lives will fall apart without it or them we don’t give ourselves the chance to see from the soul’s perspective that something much better is on its way that truly fulfills us at every level.

As it’s eternal or timeless, the soul also has extraordinary patience that we can lack. Because it is connected to the whole, it can see the complex weave of all things throughout the universe and see the chain of synchronicities that will take us to where we ultimately need to go, even if to our eyes it looks like we are being pushed in the wrong direction when something happens.

Think about all of the changes that have already happened in your life and the good things that each brought in its wake. You can begin to see that when something happens, even though our first response can be fear or panic, followed by the conviction that our lives are over, done, through and that there is no hope of anything ever going our way again, that we have not just endured change before, but thrived on it. That every change has brought blessings and bounty in its wake.

So whatever has happened for you today, if it’s a painful experience, know that this too shall pass and don’t be so quick to judge it as a disaster. One day, you might look back and see today as the day that marked the beginning of your new life.

So do whatever you need to do to take care of anything practical and when you are done with that, pull out a dream of any size that you put into cold storage because the time never seemed right or because you were too busy and do it. This is the very thing that stirs the potent pot of universal magic that kick starts the chain of synchronicities that will lead you to where and who next. Know that it isn’t over by a long chalk. You’re on your way. Imagine the problem as the chrysalis and you are pushing through to become the gorgeous butterfly you really are. Life has many more magic and miracles for you yet!

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