Quantum Creating: Open up your desires in 3 easy steps!

Quantum Creating

Open up your desires in 3 easy steps!

You’ve looked deep into your soul and have identified the desire that you really REALLY want to manifest in your life. But in the interim – you already have a life that’s jam-packed with things that just eat up your time or distract you. How on earth are you supposed to make the time to work on what you need to do to reach your goals? The fact is, to get something no matter what it is, we need to already have it on some level. The universe responds to our belief and what we focus on expands. That goes for time too! If we believe we have enough time to do the things we have to do, as well as the things we want to do, what we get is – more time!

Hang on a minute, you may say. My schedule is bursting. I’ve looked. There is no more time to be squeezed from my day. Lucky for us, we are dealing with Quantum Creating which is all about opening up potentials and possibilities on a quantum level that we didn’t know existed. So, let’s go back to that thing you really REALLY want above all else and start there.

First of all, it doesn’t matter what it is. It can be a fabulous relationship, a new home, starting your own business, going back to school to study, a trip of a lifetime, a car – anything! But it should be the No.1 thing on your Quantum Creating list right now, the desire your heart just can’t let go of no matter that you don’t have the time/money/ability right now in your opinion to pursue it.

Step 1:

What is the smallest step I can take towards my dream right now, today or this week? This is all about keeping that goal alive and it doesn’t need to be complicated. If you want to change jobs, set up a business or study then go on line and research what you need to do and see it happening. Want a relationship? Know you are lovable, feel yourself loved and put yourself out there!  Or perhaps your goal involves something tangible such as a new home, car or experience? Research neighbourhoods, download photos and specs of the car. Or, if you want that trip of a lifetime, start looking at fares and places to stay. Then send your message to the Universe ‘I am a beacon calling in what I desire or better’

Step 2:

Live the dream in some way. Set aside a day to live your dream. If your goal involves you entering a new profession take yourself out for some fun and try on the kind of clothes you will wear once you have your new job or business. If it’s an activity but you don’t have the money to join in yet, go and watch others. Don’t be afraid to network and let people know what you’re trying to do. When we keep our dreams to ourselves we block off opportunities that could help us. Looking for love? Take yourself on that romantic date. Visit the neighbourhood you want to move to.

Book a test drive for that car. Check out the luggage stores for the best kind for the trip you have in mind or go compare prices for equipment for that passion you want to turn into a career. There is always a way you can get to experience (and have) that dream in some way right now. Most importantly KNOW YOU DESERVE IT AND THAT IT IS POSSIBLE.

Step 3:

Connect to others with a similar dream. You don’t actually have to join a circle or group (although this can provide you with support and focus to keep going). No matter what it is you are trying to do there is usually an on-line community comprised of people trying to do the same thing. Energy is contagious and being with people that are living the dream really does rub off. We are all affected by group energy, surround yourself with happy people who are living the dream.

These three steps may seem obvious and simple but if you are telling yourself that you don’t have the time/money/ability to manifest your desires they help you literally start to re-arrange your space and time for the real thing to appear. So, what are you waiting for? Become a master space and time manipulator today and Quantum Create more of whatever it is you really REALLY want.

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