What’s Your Body Saying? Science Shows Mind, Body and Spirit Are One

What’s Your Body Saying? Science Shows Mind, Body and Spirit Are One

We’re all familiar with the theory that our thoughts create our reality. But less familiar with the part our bodies have to play in all of this. Neuroscience has uncovered the connection between emotion-laden information carrying molecules in our bodies; which facilitate communication between the body and brain. Virtually every cell in our bodies contains thousands of receptors; all designed to pick up signals from the world around us. Amazingly, around 40% of our DNA is dedicated to keeping these in perfect working order.

Additionally, we have messages coming in from all around our bodies in the form or hormones, peptides and neurotransmitters. As far as our feelings go, peptides are the ones that signal feelings; ranging from letting us know we’re hungry, to anger, bliss, euphoria or relaxation.

Now, when a peptide encounters a receptor, they make a connection between our bodies and our state of consciousness. In other words, they influence how we feel in the physical world. and therefore what we attract. Our bodies therefore are a reflection of our subconscious minds and our subconscious is what we use to build our view of reality.

It’s easy to see from this how hanging on to negative emotions will not only have an affect on our outer experience but on our bodies as well.

The research

Dr. Candace Pert a neuroscientist who has done extensive research into this area says ‘Emotions are about connection. They connect difference parts of your body to each other, they connect you to your body, they are a vibration that connects you to the planet, the stars and the Earth and to each other’. As we take in new experiences, this information enters through your receptors to where your past memories and experiences are stored. Your ‘data bank’ then compares this new information to what is already stored in there and adds new meaning to it, or sometimes, if the new experiences are too painful, it shunts them off into your unconscious mind.

But looked at another way, what this actually means is we are constantly resonating with what we already know to be true – as your present ‘reality’ is really nothing but a comparison with what has already happened. This is why some people can find changing their minds so very difficult.

If we hang on to limiting or negative emotions we are therefore not only risking our mental well-being but also our physical well-being too. The wider implications are that this extends to how we treat people around us and also affects our ability to attain our goals. Now of course to say don’t have a negative emotion again is totally unrealistic as we all do from time to time – that’s part of being human. But I’m talking about hanging on to thoughts and feelings that really don’t serve us.

Remember, what we put into our bodies can affect us emotionally as well.

So, follow these simple steps for healthy emotions, a healthier body and a beautiful reality:


Avoid anything artificial such as sweeteners as these can affect your body’s ability to create a natural high.


Practice love and forgiveness  – holding on to negative emotions can damage your body in the long term. If you feel the need to ‘get back’ at someone remember the best revenge is to be happy.


Love that body! Invest in bodywork or a massage to release long-held stresses


Reach out and touch somebody – get a hug – emotions are not just stored in your brain but in every cell of your body as this research confirms!

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