Polish up your intention and attention

Whether you’re working with Cosmic Ordering, the Law of Attraction or Quantum Creating, you’re going to be using both your intention and your attention.  These are two words that crop up again and again and it’s worth spending some time really pulling out the differences between them.

In a nutshell, your intention is about what you mean to do or achieve by something that you’re doing, whereas your attention is what you notice or put your focus on.

As far as your intention goes, it’s all about keeping it pure and true.  The more concentrated and unadulterated your intention, the more powerful your ability to manifest.  So what can dilute it?  You know in everyday life how you can sort of want something but be a bit half hearted about it, and that affects what you do or what happens as a result?  It’s just like that when you’re working with Quantum Creating.  If you decide that you want to do some Quantum Creating around moving home, but you keep going over how much you love where you are and all the good times you’ve had there, and what a hassle moving can be, and wondering if you’ll actually ever find anywhere you like as much, you’re sending out a push me pull you crazy zig zag vibration that the universe can’t deliver on as it can’t help you move and also keep you where you are!

What’s slowing you down is the pull in more than one direction at the same time.  It’s just not possible for us to go forward and stay where we are or go forward and backwards simultaneously.  But when you get every single part and parcel of you facing forwards or even already in the future, you can move at an incredible rate!

And that leads me into talking about attention.  This is something that takes place at a mental level.  You are bombarded by information all the time and it’s just not possible for your mind to process it all, so there are certain parts of you and even one location within the brain that helpfully deletes loads of information so you don’t miss out on what you need to know. That’s why you don’t see the honey in the cupboard when you go looking for the salt, how when you are absolutely absorbed in a good book, you won’t notice if your leg curled underneath you is going numb.  In fact, right now, you’ve totally deleted how your feet feel – and now I’ve reminded you about them, you can do a quick check to see how they are doing.

Our attention is crucial because we need to widen it and bring it in line with our
intention.  For example, if you’re working with Quantum Creating abundance and an opportunity comes your way that might bring you greater abundance, you have to be able to notice it so that you can grab it and act on it! Also, the universe might be delivering you abundance in spades but if you’ve set your filters to delete everything but a brand new red Ferrari arriving gift wrapped on your doorstep, you simply won’t notice a wealth of treasures pouring on your head!

If you work at widening your attention or perceptual field, you will see a lot more than you do right now.  In fact, it’s worth remembering that everything you could
possibly want is already here.  Let’s say you’re currently single and trying to attract love.  Your next partner is already on the planet –and that’s an absolute fact. All you need to do is leap over the six degrees of separation that might be standing between you both. So that means that you keep your attention as wide as you can and  remember that you are already connected to this person, but that any chance meeting or conversation you have with anyone could be the very one that takes you a step closer to meeting your partner.  It might not be as obvious as the ones you think it is, so that means you need to stay on your toes and keep radiating rather than shutting down and acting like Sleeping Beauty, falling into a deep slumber until your partner fights their way through the brambles to find you.  Pretty soon you’ll get to realise that the whole of your life is like a Dan Brown novel, with very little actually being left to chance and every small detail being rich in symbolism and importance in terms of taking you to where you need to go.

In summary, the importance of our intention is why every spiritual tradition has emphasised the importance of being in the now, and many have practices that can help you achieve that, such as meditation.  It’s also why we put such a huge emphasis on making active choices about where you put your attention.  As the Huna saying goes, energy flows where your attention goes.  So bring both your intention and attention in line for maximum creative potential!

Loads of love,

Michele x


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