Second Sight/Sixth Sense/ESP – The Psychic Ability We All Have in Common

Psychic reading

Second Sight/Sixth Sense/ESP 

The Psychic Ability We All Have in Common

I’ve always maintained we are all psychic. Quantum physics seems to back up another belief of mine; that we are all linked to a universal – or even multi-versal consciousness. And appears to offer an explanation to what we call psychic ability. A new book by Dr. James Carpenter shows that psychic ability is something we all have. It is not limited to a few ‘gifted’ individuals. The only explanation for the knowledge of future events that some people exhibit has to come from outside of our brains. And when it comes to our brains – there’s a lot more going on in them than many people realise.

First Sight

Dr. Carpenter’s theory which he calls ‘First Sight’ takes the position that our brains are receiving far more unconscious information that we think they are. This information is ‘extrasensory’ (beyond our senses to detect); and far from this being a flash or premonition in a moment of crisis. The flow of information we receive is continuous. Dr. Carpenter first became interested in psychic phenomena when he was a child. His mother just seemed to ‘know’ things and receive visions which would turn out later to be true.

Turning first to science for an explanation, he then began to realise that far from being unusual, the ability to receive this kind of information is part of the normal workings of our mind intended to guide and help us. However, most of us remain unaware of this information – until we need it. However, the information we are receiving is clearly non-local and not from our brains which clearly have to be linked to some universal ‘open source’ of information.

An open mind

‘First Sight’ is an exciting look at how we all use ESP, memory, subliminal perception and this connection to this ‘open source’ which guides us in all our decisions. Not only that. Dr. Carpenter was able to pin-point how and when this ‘non local’ information can be expected to turn up – or should we say when we are likely to become aware of it, expanding our knowledge of how the brain works and psychology in the process.

To start to experience more First Sight in our lives, in other words, to tap into the psychic ability we all have, Dr. Carpenter recommends we adopt an open mind, state your need for the information and above all don’t analyse  – literally open ourselves up to receiving information from this ‘open source’. He cites his mother as an example again – she believed her experiences were real and when she received them she was too tired to analyse them. She needed something reassuring and true which Dr. Carpenter maintains are crucial to receiving expanded knowledge.

I believe we all have First Sight. And what we choose to call it hardly matters when science is making such incredible breakthroughs to show it is an ability we all share.

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