Quantum-Charged Success: Love it. Feel it. Be it. Live it!


Success Love it. Feel it. Be it. Live it!

Hello all you fabulous Quantum Creators out there! I’m always evolving new ways to enable you to enter into your fabulousness; to live life to your full potential and manifest your dreams. We all have to deal with challenges in our lives. Often no matter how much we’d like it to be different, there are no short-cuts to success. However, having said that I don’t believe we should have to struggle or give up on our dreams. And even if your dream is going to require study or effort, we can smooth things along for you, allow you to enjoy and get more out of your journey and feel more vibrant, alive and connected to your passion as you do. So the only thing I have to ask is: Are you ready?

Lovin’ It

First of all – and this is the key to success in any venture – you’ve got to love it. What you want to be or achieve has to fire you up with passion. Check that your goal does this. Our goals can change over time and the vision for your future that got you excited five years ago may not be exactly the same today. So, before we go any further check that you still feel the same about your goal. There’s no point in putting all your fabulous time, energy and creative zing into something that no longer rocks your world so fine-tune your vision at this point if necessary. If you’re revved up you’re ready for the next step which is:

Feelin’ It

Take that feeling of passion and excitement about your future and play with it for a while. For example – once you have your goal no matter what it is, take note of not only how you feel but how you might have changed externally and well as internally. When we reach a major milestone in our lives we are changed on the inside and once this happens our ‘outside’ reflects that change. What do you look like? Are you dressed differently? If so, how? Are you surrounded by different things? For example if your goal is a fabulous new home take note of how you have furnished it as well as your feelings as you go from room to room. What is on your desk if you goal is that corner office? How does the way you look or the things that surround you in this future make you feel?

Bein’ It

Now take the feelings and the information you received during the previous step and bring them into your reality right now. If you looked or dressed differently then start looking and dressing that way. Okay, if you saw yourself dressed in Prada and right now you can only afford to shop at Primark I’m not for one minute suggesting you go get into debt by buying things you can’t afford.

But chances are there are elements of this future you can have right now such as a haircut or make-up. You can go buy a small but beautiful object to put into your future home or a smart fountain pen or organiser that you’ll use when you get that fabulous job. The important thing is that you start to live as if you already had the life, home or job you imagined. Like an actor you can begin to ‘dress the part’ and surround yourself with things that allow you to remain connected to your feelings of having attained your goal. You are now one step away from –

Livin’ It

Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what you visualise and what is real. With the added super-charged ‘oomph’ of your passion, emotional connection and ‘playing for real’ as I like to think of the previous step, you should now be projecting a fabulous energy vibe that is set to attract the opportunities, people and synchronicities you need to reach your goal.

Remember – we have our dreams for a reason. So, super-charge them with these simple steps and get ready to make them a reality in a way that’s easier than you could possibly imagine.


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