Quantum Create Your Future!

The thing I love about Quantum Physics in particular is the multiverse theory. The idea that this universe exists alongside of many others and that we exist – perhaps in a very different form to what we are in the here and now, in all of them. Similarly, the idea that what we think of as ‘reality’ is actually comprised of many dimensions – Hawking estimates 10 although he says there are probably more. Well, what you may not know is that your Quantum Creating process too is multidimensional! When you begin to work with the energy dynamics I have outlined, it not only enables you to clear the path to your goals and living your own unique destiny but it is also working on an incredibly deep and intuitive level that you may not even be aware of at first! It can enable you to uncover your soul path or purpose if you are confused about what this is. It can also reveal clues to your past lives and boost your psychic and intuitive abilities and what’s more, you may be completely unaware you are doing this as just as we can’t ‘see’ the other universes in the multiverse or are aware of all the dimensions that make up ‘reality’ – they are there nonetheless!

So, how is this happening and if it’s happening how do you access all this information? Think of yourself as a scientist – you’re researching the biggest mystery of all – the mystery of why you’re actually here! Just like the physicists at CERN looking for the Higgs Boson, there are ‘clues’ out there that will answer all your questions. You just need to know where to look. And where the clues are hidden is right in front of you – in your writings that you have been doing as part of your Quantum Creating process!

I always encourage people to let their imagination have free-rein when describing their goals and how they want their lives to be in a year or even 10 year’s time. It’s important to be as detailed as possible when it comes to where you want to be living, what kind of relationship you want to be in, the people in your life, the job you want to be doing, what you will do in your spare time. When we give our imagination free rein something wonderful happens. We tap into universal consciousness, spirit, your higher self – whatever it is you want to call it, which knows everything we are capable of being and have ever been. So, you are in fact channelling this. Hopefully you have kept copies of not just specific Quantum Creating exercises, but also all your goals, things you have cosmically ‘ordered’ and even regular journaling about the people and things that matter to you and your thoughts and goals in general. Get them all together and start to review them.

Now, if you have been practicing this kind of work for a while this may be a lot of material to go through but I promise you it will be worth it. Because what will happen is that you will begin to see certain themes appear. Your subconscious mind will have put down on paper the things that are truly important to you. Perhaps this can be a hobby or an interest you’ve always loved to do. People whose names appear again and again. Do you keep revisiting certain places or is one of your goals a trip somewhere you’ve always yearned to go? All these things are actually your clues – pieces of the puzzle of you that you are gradually reassembling via entering into what I like to think of as a Quantum Creating state – where you are open to the information and begin to see it for what it is – clues to your soul purpose, your soul connections and also evidence that you are on the right path!

Identifying the themes that run through any Quantum Creating, goal setting or cosmic ordering process allows us to understand what it is we have come here to do – and most of all, what makes us happy. Chances are, you’ll see that frustration and unhappiness result when you have ‘veered away’ from these themes.

As you identify certain themes and people write down what they are – and also any links you may have made to where you are now in your life – or even a past life. State that you commit to having these things or that person in your life and then sign the statement. I’ve found that signing your name literally ‘seals the deal’ between you and the multi/universe activating the process that brings you your soul’s purpose.

Tap into this extra level of information that is the hidden gift of Quantum Creating and you may well see the results manifest much faster. Just like reality – there is more to you, and your dreams, than perhaps even you think possible!

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