Quantum Creating 101: Help! Where’s My Abundance?

It’s only natural when we start to replace negative thinking with positive thoughts and begin to set goals to want to see changes manifest. Often when we start the process we are in a situation where we want to see immediate changes. But what do we do when those changes just don’t seem to be manifesting? All too many people give up the positive thinking, falling back into self-defeat and negativity: ‘This stuff may work for others but not for me’ or ‘it’s a load of BS’ However giving up may not be entirely your fault, our brain chemistry has a lot to answer for but could also be the key to transforming.

In the 1990’s Dr. Candice Pert, Chief Molecular Biologist at the US National Institute of Health discovered that every time we have a thought, the hypothalamus in our brains transforms that thought into neuropeptides (amino acids) which represent the emotion of that thought. These neuropeptides interlock with your cells – in other words we take on our thoughts on a cellular level and our cells quite literally become ‘addicts’ for these neuropeptides. So, if you go around thinking ‘I’m a failure’ or ‘I’ll never be happy/successful/popular’ – these thoughts continue to produce the neuropeptides that fuel your addiction! Your thoughts really do create your reality – on a cellular level and then as an outer manifestation. As with any addiction it can take a while to wean your cells off the negative thoughts and get them craving ‘positive’ ones.

So where is your abundance? Just because it’s not turned up today doesn’t mean it’s not going to. If someone you know is pregnant you don’t keep asking them where the baby is. You know in nine months time the baby will arrive. While you may not have a ‘delivery date’ for your goal it’s important to have faith and trust that if it is right for you it will come but never limit the Universe it may be your goal or something even more astonishing.

Secondly, be open-minded about how you get to your goal. Sometimes we can become so fixated on our destination we miss out on the journey itself – or the opportunities it can bring us. For example, perhaps your dream is setting up your own business and you’re visualising the stages you believe you need to go through to manifest it. It’s all too easy to get hung up on these steps and believe they are the only way to reach our goal. But the fact is, the universe may know of a better, easier way of getting there. It’s important to explore every opportunity that comes our way even if it doesn’t look exactly how we thought it would.

If you want your life to change you have to show you’re ready to accept change in your life. Do things a little differently – take a different route to work, go to a different coffee shop, order something different, buy a different magazine or newspaper than you usually do. It doesn’t have to be radical but it lets the universe know you are open to change and it gets your brain producing new neuropeptides! Shake up your vibration!

And as for abundance – that can take many forms. Abundance can be a meal shared with friends, the time to do the things you really want to do, or an opportunity to expand your social circle or an experience. Even if you have just started your quantum creating process, if you step back and take a look around you, you may well discover you are already manifesting abundance in different ways .

And finally- Are you trying to manifest as if you were alone? We’re all manifesting every minute of every day for not only ourselves but for each other. Every action and thought we have creates a wave into our one consciousness and impacts the whole. The key to QC is that we are an evolving whole, we are not manifesting in isolation. Creating a better world for each other and the whole is the key.

If we help each other and we connect to our one consciousness we uplift ourselves and the whole – we couldn’t stop it if we tried. But by seeing what we’ve already managed to create – rather than what we are still waiting to appear, we open the way to speed up the process and stimulate our brains to produce the very substances that aid us and each other.

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