Quantum Creating 101: Thought Power

Producer Mike Todd once famously said: ‘I’ve been broke but I’ve never been poor. Being broke is temporary, being poor is a state of mind.’ Mike went bankrupt many times during his amazing career as both a theatre and a film producer. He married Elizabeth Taylor and went on to produce many blockbusters and innovations that defined the film industry which we still use today. His ability to ‘frame’ his thoughts may be what enabled him to transcend setbacks – he was not ‘poor’ he was merely ‘broke’ and this was a temporary condition. Our thoughts really can shape our reality and how we look at setbacks will determine the ultimate outcome and put us back on the path to success.

The fact is sometimes failing at something or experiencing a loss is part of life and our soul journey. It’s how we deal with it that determines the ultimate outcome. And as I’ve said before, to say we can’t have ‘negative’ thoughts is plain unrealistic when things are not working out for us. If we are in the throes of a relationship breakdown of course we feel devastated and we need to grieve and allow ourselves that experience. But there is a huge difference between saying to ourselves: ‘I am heartbroken’ and ‘All men/women I meet turn out to be bastards/bitches. It never works out for me’ because all you are doing at this point is setting yourself up to attract exactly the same kind of person next time and yes, you will be proved correct again – it won’t work out for you. To preface Mike Todd: Being heartbroken over a relationship that didn’t work out is temporary. Saying it never works out for you is a state of mind.

The other thing you need to bear in mind is that we are all connected and the universe delivers our goals via you taking action to connect to other people. You can have all the positive thoughts in the world but if all you are going to do is sit at home alone that’s all they will remain – thoughts. Think of it this way. Say you write a book. Now this book could be the next Harry Potter or 50 Shades. But unless you make an effort to get it out there by any means you can – submitting it to publishers and agents, even starting a blog with extracts from it, publishing direct to Kindle – you will never know or reap any benefits from it as it requires people to actually read it for you to succeed! There is a fundamental truth in the saying: Heaven helps those who help themselves. To create the life you were destined to live you need to frame your thoughts and then take action on them. You can’t land a new job unless you apply for one. You can’t meet the love of your life unless you first understand you are worthy of love and then open your heart. It’s that simple.

Of course, all this can take some courage as we all know that none of us like rejection. Going back to dating after a break-up means you risk another rejection but try to see this as ‘trying people on for size’ and that any connection that doesn’t work out is a learning opportunity that brings you one step close to the person it will work out with. Now you have real relationship wisdom happening! Submitting that manuscript, applying for that next big step up the career ladder – all carry risks of rejection but if all you are doing is focussing on that step of the  journey you are going to succeed eventually no matter what! All you have to do is have the right mind-set – ‘I am taking the next step on my way to success,’ instead of ‘Another knock-back! I may as well give up!’

If you are broke or heartbroken or have been rejected for something you wanted, then know it is truly ‘temporary’ and do whatever you can to improve your situation. The universe knows it’s temporary. All you need to do is believe it too.

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