Quantum Creating 101: Don’t be Afraid of Changing Goals

Quantum Creating 101

Don’t be Afraid of Changing Goals

No matter how far you are along with your Quantum Creating process, one thing I’ve learned is that we must never be afraid to change our focus – or our goals. Sometimes along the way we discover that the entire process of creating a new reality for ourselves has opened up a whole new dimension of possibilities we just weren’t aware of before – and our goals can shift accordingly. Sometimes we reach our goal – only to discover that it no longer holds the meaning for us that we thought it would. So, what is the soul lesson that is going on here and why should we be willing to let go of our goals and focus on new ones if necessary?

Soul growth

First, remember we are all here to learn and have experiences. Your journey towards your goals is the human and soul growth experience you came here to have. When you start to look at it this way you begin to see why so many people say ‘The journey is the goal’. By heading down a certain path and focussing on a certain outcome you set in motion events and synchronicities that enable you to learn and grow.

Even if at the end of your path (or while on it), you begin to feel this goal is no longer relevant for you, then the experience and the journey were the goal because you are leaving this path enriched on some level by the people you’ve met along the way whom otherwise you may never have encountered, the insights you have attained into your own needs and what you are capable of, and a host of synchronicities that may not otherwise have occurred.

The mere act of stating and committing to a goal is a powerful creative and soul process and the fact it has now evolved and shifted for you, shows how much you have learned and the insights into your own desires you have attained along the way. So, we can say even if a goal is no longer relevant for you, no matter what you leave this particular journey enriched on so many levels!

Commit to your goal

We only learn on a mental and a soul level by actually doing things. By going for that goal. When we commit to a goal we engage both the conscious and the subconscious minds when we take action. So, while the conscious mind thinks about the end result, the unconscious mind – which is the part of us connected to universal wisdom, is constantly working on an energetic level to bring us new information for our highest good. We can suddenly be surprised by new insights or opportunities as a result. Now, as we learn more we begin to change and this is what can cause the shift in our goal focus. We should therefore be willing to adjust our goals as this happens.

Your goals are the keys to your life path, your soul purpose and what you have come here to do. But looked at another way, we are all here on a spiritual quest and that is to evolve – ourselves and through this the whole. So, it’s hardly surprising then that our goals will evolve along with us.

No matter how long or how much effort you have put into a goal – don’t be afraid of changing it as you change. Even if you have reached it. Remember – nobody can take the process and journey away from you. Don’t ever think of the time you have spent as wasted either. Goal setting and Quantum Creating are creative acts – so don’t be afraid of creating something new and you create a new reality for yourself – and a new YOU.

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