Quantum Creating as a way of being

One of the things I notice is that when people first start really getting into Quantum Creating or any sort of manifestation work, they get very hung up about how they perfect the rituals that are designed to help us focus our intention.  They can start worrying about whether their affirmations are worded right, or whether they should have used Rose Quartz crystal instead of Citrine when they were meditating, or  whether they should have lit the candle two seconds earlier or two minutes later.

Rituals are a beautiful and sacred way of helping us really tune in to our own energy and focus and they can be amazingly powerful – but they work best when they are in alignment with the way that we live the rest of our lives!

Quantum creating isn’t something that you do for a few hours a day or a week.   Ultimately, it becomes a way of being.  The energy of creation is in perpetual motion and you are always either working with it or against it.

Imagine that you decided to start eating more healthily, so you got up one day and had a wonderful breakfast of fruit and organic nuts or whatever, and it made you feel amazing, fresh and vibrant throughout.  Would you then think, okay, well that’s done.  Now I can have my cakes for elevenses, and then a few pies for lunch and my biscuits at afternoon tea and a huge, rich dinner but tomorrow I’m going to have my healthy breakfast again!

What rituals do is teach us good habits.  In some ways, they are training grounds in
which we flex the muscles of our awareness and stretch our abilities to stay totally tuned in to the moment, whether we are meditating, praying or thinking positive thoughts.  The idea is that we then gradually let that spill over and spread through our entire waking existence until it becomes who we are and actually, at that point it takes no conscious effort at all.

So the next time you are working with any kind of ritual and you feel yourself beginning to get anxious or whatever about whether you are doing it right, remember that the most important thing is what the mechanics of that ritual does in terms of helping you change and maintain a certain vibration, then you can let go of the worry and get back to the focus.  And the next time life throws something at you that might have previously got you tetchy, worked up or upset, see what happens if you bring some of that focus to bear on whatever you are dealing with.

Lots of love,

Michele x


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