Quantum Creating: Dear future self

One of my most powerful techniques for Quantum Creating is writing a letter from your future self in which you describe the life you are living in say, a year’s time. What goals have you achieved during that time? How and where will you be living and with whom? What job will you be doing? Think back five years ago and imagine back then that you had written a similar letter to yourself to be mailed to you five years in the future. What goals did you attain? What actually turned out better than you could possibly have imagined? What have you yet to accomplish or have you achieved everything you set out to do back then and have embarked on new goals?

There’s a point to this. When we set out and write these letters to our future selves, we are in fact setting a deadline to achieve our goals. It’s strange because normally when we set out our goals, we either omit to put in a deadline or just the idea of it is so scary we shy away from it. But it is a vital part of the process and puts the universe and our higher selves on alert that there is a deadline to be met here. So, if the term ‘deadline’ pushes buttons for you, what if we call it ‘lifeline’ instead? Because it implies that this not only links where you are right now with the future you are envisioning for yourself, but that it keeps you on course towards this over a given time period. Doesn’t that sound like its art of the process as opposed to a ticking clock or schedule you have to adhere to – or else fail miserably?

So, take a moment now to think about where you want to be in a year’s time. Now, get out your journal and write this down in note form to begin with. We will get to the lifeline letter later. Look at what you’ve written down and think about it for a moment. What are you doing right NOW about achieving these goals? Most importantly, ask yourself why you are trying to achieve them. What need to they fill for you? Is there a goal behind your goal or is there another goal that would meet your need far more effectively? For example, let’s just say that your goal is to be on the cover of a magazine. Why do you have this goal? Is it that then you will know you have ‘made it’? Is it to make your mum proud of you or show everyone out there who has ever been mean to you or rejected you just how wrong they were? Write down all of this and do this for every goal you want to see manifest over a given period of time – this can be a year or even five years in the future. How long it is is up to you but you must have a time frame in mind – and a realistic one so please don’t opt for time frames over five years as that is in fact opting out and saying what you want is impossible.

Now, let’s go back to why you want to achieve your goals and return to the example I gave you before – you want to be on the cover of a magazine. Why? If it’s a milestone and you have designed that this is how you will know you have ‘made it’ in your field – be it Fast Company, Wired, Hello!, Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, Vogue or Forbes, can you now think of any other ways that would also give you an equal feeling of having reached the top? Now list these. Is it because you want someone’s love or approval? If so, you now have some serious thinking to do as if they don’t love and/or approve of you now, why are you so determined you need to impress them? Either you have their love now or you don’t. Becoming a billionaire or getting your photo on the cover of Vanity Fair will not change that. Don’t waste your energy trying to change other people’s opinions about you. The only opinion that matters is yours.

If you want that goal for yourself however, keep it on your list. If not reject it. This is all part of the Lifeline process and it’s not just about setting deadlines but a Lifeline is just that – it supports you. Apply this process to all your goals. Once you have completed your goal list it’s now time to weave that Lifeline. Write that letter to yourself putting the future date you have decided on at the top of the letter. State not only your goals but the things you started doing to achieve them as in ‘I started back in August 2015 by doing research on the companies I should approach and then come up with a strategy to contact them’.

When you have done, sign and seal your letter, address it to yourself and give it to a friend or relative you trust to mail it to you on your future date (write this on the envelope). You have now created not a deadline but a Lifeline between your present and your future destination. You may be surprised when you receive your letter not only how things turned out – but how much better they turned out than you could possibly have imagined. But it was being committed and setting that Lifeline that set it all in motion! Be prepared to take whatever actions you need for success and above all, be determined to step into that new future you have created right now.

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