Quantum Creating – fine tune your intentions

Did you ever come across the Aesop’s fable about the monkey who stuck his hand in a jar of figs, but when he grabbed a handful of the fruit his fist was too large to pull it out through the neck again?  He was left dancing in rage with the jar
dangling from his arm, unable to get what he wanted and unable to let go.

Aesop was actually a slave in Ancient Greece with an astonishing grasp of human nature.  Like all good stories, we can interpret this one in a number of ways.

How often do we get so emotionally invested in one solution to getting what we want that we cut ourselves off from other possibilities that could work?  From the outside, we might suggest that the monkey let go of the figs, remove his paw and then just tip the jar over so the fruit falls out.

This is why, from a Quantum Creating perspective, I always suggest that we hold our intentions with a lot of flexibility in how they get delivered so that we can tap into all of the ways that can bring us what we want, rather than getting bogged down in one route or one plan that by its nature only usually reflects the limitations of our thinking rather than the potential in the universe.

The other way of looking at it is as a reminder not to let a fixation on one thing drive us to the point of obsession that cuts us off from the other possibilities in the universe.  This is especially true if we are trying to manifest a loving relationship.  We can meet someone or get involved with someone who leaves us and they become our figs – not the only food in the universe, but the only one  that we can see in the moment.  And as a result we end up stuck, not quite able to have the relationship with the person we’ve got stuck on, and not able to free ourselves to find someone much better.

Every so often, it really is worth taking a huge step back on what you are intending to manifest to ask yourself;

1/What ways of bringing myself more in alignment with this  lie outside of my current focus?  That’s a tricky one at first, because that’s all about asking to see what you can’t yet see or know what you don’t yet know, but ask often enough with the conviction that you will receive an answer and you open the doors to a flood of inspiration where you start to see a shower of creative solutions that just didn’t occur to you before.

2/Is what I want truly in alignment with my desires?  The title of Bob Geldof’s biography, Is That It? reflects a  feeling of almost disappointment that he had as he started from nowhere to getting to pop star status, with each step delivering all of the things he thought he wanted or was supposed to want – fame, women, the whole rock and roll lifestyle, none of which actually touched his soul.  In terms of Quantum Creating, we become most powerful when we are working from our true desires rather than memes or ideas about what we should want that actually aren’t ours at all.

There’s something else about Bob Geldof’s story that is worth noting because it’s all about what happens when we tap into that place where we are all one.  Watching events in Ethiopia shifted his focus from ‘what can I get?’ to ‘What can I do?’.  At that moment he got in alignment with what we might call his destiny which created a momentum force that allowed him to pull off one impossible feat after another with Live Aid and Band Aid.  I think he was able to achieve what he did because he fell into alignment with his own soul and tapped into the soul
desire to help that so many of us felt at the time.  That’s the power of moving from individual desire to the collective soul purpose.  It really can move  mountains.

Loads of love

Michele x

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