Quantum Creating – Focus and belief.

What do you think you need to create your perfect life and reach your goals? More money? More people on your team? More resources such as time, the latest book from self-help guru de jour, the same guru’s expensive seminar perhaps? While it’s good to have support and also examples of people who have achieved success, the simple fact is that to be a Quantum Creator, you don’t have to have any of this.

This may sound as if I’m trying to talk you out of reading any further! But the truth is true soul guidance just puts you in touch with where the real power to create your future resides – and that is with ourselves. You are the Quantum Creator and you have the power right now, in this very minute to begin creating the life you want. To do this all you need to do is tap into two resources that you already have within in – focus and belief.

Focus is simply the act of getting clear about what it is we want or where we want to be. Until we know that, we wallow around ‘bumping’ into events, people and experiences – little realising that it is our lack of direction and focus that is drawing them to us. If we don’t like what we’re manifesting, we may try to intellectualise this on a spiritual level by saying that this must be ‘destiny’ or on a psychological one by saying we are either unlucky or this is all we can expect from life. However, we’re missing the point – and the soul growth opportunity. The universe always wants something better for us – usually better than we can imagine. By upping our expectations and getting clear about the direction we want to be heading in, we invite soul growth.

Belief is the other key to being an effective Quantum Creator and by this I’m not talking about spiritual or religious beliefs or even the belief that anyone else ‘out there’ has the key (or the seminar, or the best seller) to helping you manifest your dreams. It is your belief in your own soul power that holds the real key to your ability as the Creator in your life. It’s as simple as knowing you have the ability to tap into your power and start to make changes, even small ones, right now. And the small ones hold the key to make the big ones in the long term. By focusing on the first steps towards what you want to draw to you and seeing the results, you become more confident and you believe that yes, you can do this, you ARE capable of being a Quantum Creator.

Focus + Belief = creation. It’s that simple. So, who’s the Quantum Creator now?

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