Quantum Creating – Get Entangled With Your Goals

We’ve all heard the phrase that the secret to getting something is to already have some? In other words, to attract more money, love, abundance and feelings of wellbeing into your life you already have to have money, love, abundance and wellbeing. That’s fine, I hear you say, but right now I’m overdrawn, single, living on beans on toast and feel drained so how am I supposed to attract what I need when I clearly don’t have it in the first place? If this sounds like you don’t despair! Quantum physics provides us with the key to transform our situation by using a technique based on quantum entanglement.

Put simply, quantum entanglement occurs when two particles at a distance are influenced by one another. Einstein referred to this as ‘spooky action at a distance’. We have all heard how the mere act of observing a particle alters it. When quantum entanglement occurs we can have one particle changing as it is observed on one side of the universe while on the other side of the universe the particle with which it is ‘entangled’ instantaneously takes on the change even though they are clearly separated by billions of light years.

So, how does this help us manifest our goals? First it’s important to start to think of reality as a field of energy or consciousness. Therefore like the example used above, a change to one particle affects another. Now, we’ve also said the trick to getting what you want is to already have it – which is hard to believe when you are struggling to pay your bills or lonely because all your friends are coupled up and you’ve not had a date in two years. If you are focussing on what you don’t have you are creating a quantum entanglement that creates more of this. Now, nobody can think positive thoughts all the time – it’s impossible. What we can do however it to ‘entangle’ a positive one with our goal to bring in the change. It works like this:

First, pick a time you won’t be disturbed. Turn off your phone and get comfy. You can sit or lie down if you wish. Close your eyes. Relax. Decide what it is you want to ‘entangle’. Let’s say for example you want to attract a new relationship. Now, think back to a time when you were in a relationship and things were going well. Don’t focus on the person, focus on the way you were feeling. You may recall feelings of excitement, anticipation and feeling loved. Breathe these feelings in and let them infuse your whole being. Now, holding these wonderful feelings in your body allow yourself to visualise having these feelings again with someone new and at the same time expand your vision to include the person telling you they want to spend the rest of their lives with you. Imagine how you would feel setting up home together, getting engaged or married. Stay with the feeling and now merge all your feelings together – the feelings you had from a previous relationship with the feelings you will have in your new, committed relationship. Congratulations – you’ve just ‘entangled’!

By reliving emotionally a time when we had a version of what we want we overcome the barriers we create by concentrating on what we don’t have. The quantum entanglement meditation works because a bit like cosmic ordering we can now walk away and know the energy field that is the universe will respond. Also, have accessed these feelings from our past, whenever we find ourselves focussing on whatever it is we don’t have we can now go back and access our emotional state from the past which again alters our mindset reinforcing our entanglement process. Obviously to do this with money focus on a time when you could pay a bill immediately or make an expensive purchase without breaking the bank and ‘entangle’ this will a future vision of you enjoying financial security.

So, the trick to getting what you want is just in finding the time when you had a version of it and entangling it with a better vision for the future.

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