Quantum Creating – How To Change Your World

Embracing the idea that our thoughts create our reality is relatively (no pun intended!) easy. Putting it into practice and really internalising this belief often takes time however. It’s not just a question of how we are thinking but what we are feeling as well and it is our feelings as well as our thoughts that play such in important role in successfully changing our beliefs and thereby our outcomes and our outer experiences.

It’s the basis of cause and effect in action if we want to break it down scientifically. Of course, we are also looking at the process of quantum creating as part of a soul evolution. So, to align our thoughts – ‘I understand intellectually how this quantum creating stuff works’ with our feelings – ‘I feel a significant shift in my thoughts and how I perceive the world’ we need to keep our focus on our inner journey and wait for the outer world to reflect the change.

The frontal lobe in the human brain allows us to make our thoughts more real than anything else – just think what happens when you dream for example. Unless you are lucid dreaming whatever is going on around you – no matter how bizarre, appear real. Thoughts as we know are energy and the universe is entirely made up of energy. So, when you practice quantum creating techniques and go within, paying close attention to not only what you want to create but how you feel about your new future, your brain and therefore the outer world (universe) does not know the difference between what you are visualising in your mind and what exists in the external world. We’ve already talked about ‘entangling’ your goals with your feelings but this explains how it works in more depth. So, having played out your goals as if they were real life experiences complete with how you will feel, your brain doesn’t know the difference between your quantum creating technique and you really having the actual experience. As a result, it starts to form new neural pathways to reflect what you are visualising. So, at the same time as you quantum create you are literally changing your mind!

As you practice this technique you may find that all of a sudden a lot of synchronicities start to occur as your life starts to re-arrange itself in ways that start to reflect your new vision of your reality. This is why as part of quantum creating I encourage people to image a future that is not only different from their experience now but one in which they are different in some way.  Why does this happen? Because the external world has to reflect internal changes. It literally mirrors who we think we are. So, when you imagine yourself acting and feeling differently, your thoughts literally create a new life as this new you emerges that is more aligned with your soul purpose.

So, by changing your internal environment and aligning your goals with your feelings you will start to see how your world literally changes to reflect this new you. So bear in mind, if your dreams aren’t coming true perhaps all that is stopping them from manifesting is the fact you need a bigger dream to create a more visible change. Take a leap of faith and start imagining your biggest, wildest dream. Try it and when those synchronicities start to appear, no matter how small, you will have tangible proof you are indeed a quantum creator!

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