Quantum Creating – Seeing things as they really are.

Patterns of behaviour are a fundamental issue for all of us. They can keep us stuck and make life like a veritable Ground Hog day. Round and round we go, with patterns popping up until we are able to make changes.

One of the reasons I coined the term ‘Quantum Creating’ is that it illustrates the power of changing small things to create a new reality for ourselves. Pesky patterns of behaviour that deliver results we don’t want are one of the first things we need to address if we want change. Also, tackling the beliefs that underlie patterns of behaviour that leads us to keep recreating what we don’t want is an essential part of transformation. Along with that, however, we also have to pay attention to our perception, or the way that we literally look at things and what we see when we do.

It can come as a bit of a shock to realise the extent to which our beliefs shape our experience, and it can be just as challenging to embrace the idea that we can literally not see things as they are in numerous cases!

The power and magic of life is that we change one thing about ourselves, everything else in us has to change. Changing our beliefs will change how we see the world, but it also works the other way. Change the way that you see things and your beliefs have to change too!

If all of this makes you raise an eyebrow, try the very simple test in this video. Later on, I’m going to talk a lot more about perception and how a shift in the way that you see things is a crucial part of Quantum Creating, but let’s begin with you hopefully having an experience of understanding that you might be missing something right under your nose!

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