Quantum Creating Success: Seduce What You Want Into You Life!

Quantum Creating Success

Seduce What You Want Into You Life!

Whether it’s more love, more money or just more of the good things that life has to offer – friends, experiences, a satisfying career – learning exactly how to attract what we want is part of our spiritual growth and soul learning. I always like to remind people that love energy, money energy and creative energy is all one and the same thing! In our astrology charts all of this is ruled by the planet Venus.

Have you ever noticed how when things are going well with your love life money and creativity seem to flow so much more smoothly as well? It all has the same vibration and that vibration is basically abundance!  Creating that abundance requires us to become aware of how all these areas in our life are connected and basically ‘feel’ the same. We are activating our creativity when we begin to imagine something better for ourselves and start to set goals and visualise. It’s about beginning to believe that more abundance is available to us no matter what form it comes in.

Don’t limit your goals

If we believe that we can only have ‘so much’ of anything in our lives – be in money, love or creative energy – then no matter how hard we try or set our goals, we won’t get anywhere. The other thing to remember is that because this energy is basically similar we have to approach it in the same way as we would a potential partner – whether or not love is the actual goal. Think about it – if you were to tell someone they ‘have to’ love you what do you think their reaction would be? Chances are you would get the exact opposite result of what you hoped for – and probably never see that person again.

So, when we want to attract any kind of abundance into our lives – be in that fabulous job that utilises our talents and skills, more money or just a wonderful abundant lifestyle on all levels, the thing is to learn to appreciate the energy and let it just flow – just as we do when we are happy to let a relationship unfold in its own time.

Building a positive relationship with abundance doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing. Of course you have to apply for that job, create that business plan or write that novel! But we always need to bear in mind that energy flows both ways – to us and away from us and often we need to ‘give back’ to it rather than always be demanding that we receive more.

Keep a plan

So, let’s say more money is your goal. Start by opening your bills instead of ignoring them and drawing up a financial plan. You say you want more money? How much more? Have a sum in mind and then write down exactly what you are going to do with it when it does manifest. Pay your bills on time and keep a note of your spending. Chances are you will begin to see a quantum shift taking place as you stop focussing on what you don’t have and start to love what you do have right now.

The same goes if love is your goal. How much love are you ‘giving back’? Project a friendly, out-going demeanour, smile and say ‘Good morning’ to people on your way to work. Offer your seat on a crowded bus or train to someone less able to stand. It’s all love and it works to encourage more love to come your way – including the romantic kind.

If you start to become the seducer Goddess or God of your own life and seduce what you want into your life rather than push after it, a funny thing starts to happen – you fall in love with your life and yourself. And that can only work to bring more abundance into your life in all its forms.

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