Quantum Creating: The Physics of Inspiration

Inspiration – literally ‘in spirit’ has always been associated with those ideas that come out of nowhere, fire us up and also allow us to make connections between things we couldn’t see before. Many creative people say they feel that it’s not actually them painting the picture/writing the book/composing the music, but they feel it is ‘channelled’ from something outside of them!

Jung referred to accessing this as the ‘collective subconscious’ and the new physics would describe this as tapping into the holographic energy field from which the universe is formed. Quantum physics which has allowed us to delve into theories such as Unified Field Theory also has a history of people using inspiration – those ideas which apparently come our of the blue – to enable them to make incredible leaps and connections to formulate their theories. We all know that Einstein was a patent clerk and came up with his Theory of Relativity while travelling on his daily commute (more on Einstein in another article). Quantum theory has been a branch of physics that has relied on inspiration more than any other. What amazes me is that physicists like Werner Heisenberg in the 1920’s used inspiration to formulate theories they could not at that time prove but which have since been accepted by physicists as accurate interpretations of the universe. Today we see even more complex theories being extrapolated as our understanding of the universe and what constitutes ‘reality’ expands. What led Stephen Hawking to posit that the universe contains not four but eight and possibly more dimensions? Inspiration.

Often we discount our inspiration and its close relative intuition. We can initially be inspired to do something or head towards a specific goal. Then perhaps because others do not share our vision or we discount even the little steps we are taking towards reaching that goal, we think we’ve had a bad or worthless idea and drop it. But inspiration is what your soul needs to grow and create your future! Inspiration responds to your soul’s desire to experience all it can while here on this dimension (I’m leaving the other seven or more out of it for now!). When we begin to discount our vision of what is possible for us to achieve for ourselves we turn off the flow of inspiration.

Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr’s inspired theories flew against accepted scientific thought at the time. But their work is now accepted as mainstream physics. Acting on your inspiration often means walking your own path and being true to your own vision. It also sometimes means being a little ahead of your time. If you are not ahead of time – how can you create the future?

Inspiration plays a huge part in our scientific development as well as our individual soul progress. Without it none of us would have those big ideas that have the ability to not only change our lives – but our entire outlook on reality.

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