Quantum Creating – when should I give up?

You’ve possibly already read my story of my fastest ever piece of Quantum Creating – when I said that I’d like to meet a particular celebrity and then ended up meeting them less than an hour later.  It can happen that fast but sometimes you can’t help wondering if you just shouldn’t give up and let something go.

You’ve done your intention setting, maybe even worked a little ritual to add a bit of oomph, and then it’s been a few weeks or even months and you can’t see whatever it is on the horizon. So then you start to ask, should you just let it go?

The answer to that is always yes.  You should always set your intentions, release them to the universe and effectively let them go immediately!

I have a much beloved and highly comical brood of chickens and ducks.   Recently, one of the ducks disappeared and we discovered that she had turned broody and was intent on hatching her eggs.  Absolutely nothing could persuade her to leave her nest for any extended period of time.  We can be just like that, ever so slightly obsessive about our dreams and desires and anxious that if we take away our attention for a second that somehow they won’t make it through, but that’s not how it works at all.  In fact, we can end up squashing all of the life force out of them if we insist on sitting on them!

What we can do is something new to create fresh energy, but we can slow things down by going over old ground.  Let me explain the difference.

Say you want to launch your own cake decorating business.  You set your intention and get all excited about it.  And then I always advise to take as many actions as you can to keep the momentum going and show the universe that you’re doing your bit. You might decide to learn a bit more about the regulations that apply to making and selling food, or go along to an evening  class to learn a fancy new icing technique.  You could even get a part time job in an independent artisan bakers to soak up how things are done there, in the way that Jamie Oliver got himself a job in an Italian bakery where he started at 4am just so he could learn how to make the perfect focaccia (and made a great friend and mentor in the process).

All of that is wonderful, because every little thing you do is going to make you feel one step closer, one step more informed about what you need to do and a little more excited.  You’re stirring up the energy soup and getting yourself in alignment with your desires and its all good.

But what you really mustn’t do is sit at home and agonize over and over about when it’s going to happen, is it now yet, is it here yet, sending your mind around in the same old circles like a duck turning on her nest.

When we let things go and let life flow through us, magical things happen along the way to help us.  It’s like the universe comes on our side and starts delivering the people we need and the opportunities we want.  But when we energetically hang on to things and fuss and fret over them, we really can’t give them the
breathing space they need to fly.

As the poet Blake said,

‘He who binds to himself a joy

Does the wingèd life destroy;

But he who kisses the joy as it flies

Lives in eternity’s sunrise.’

So always remember – as soon as you have set your intention, let it go.

Loads of love

Michele x

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