Quantum Reality – Change Your Future in a Moment

In a recent article here on MK, Shaman Jon Rasmussen talked about the value of a psychic reading and how we can use the information we receive in that reading to take control of our future.

Jon’s insights into how we can literally ‘craft’ our destiny and change predicted outcomes, led me to delve deeper into the concept of changing our future and also how this can empower us when it comes to manifesting our goals.

‘The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once’ – Albert Einstein.  Einstein showed us that time doesn’t actually exist. The past, present and future exist simultaneously. We have created linear time in order to make sense of everything because everything is literally happening in this very moment! To put it simply, right this second the Big Bang – the moment of creation is occurring and, if you believe the universe will end that way – the Big Crunch is also happening and everything else in-between.

Quantum physics has shown us that the mere act of observing a sub-atomic particle changes it. This knowledge has had a huge effect not only on the scientific community but also for those on a spiritual path. Of course the great spiritual masters have always taught us that we are beings of light and energy – which of course we are on a sub-atomic level. Everything in this universe therefore exists as energy and that includes our thoughts. Just as scientists have changed the behaviour of sub-atomic particles merely by observing them, so we can change or bring about outcomes merely by focussing our attention.

Think of yourself as a Quantum Creator. As a being of light what you think of as ‘reality’ is in fact a field of quantum activity that you perceive in a very limited way due to being trapped in a human body! In other words, you only see a part of the true reality just like you perceive time as being linear. Quantum physics tells us you are the creator of how you perceive this reality. When you have a goal or an intention you immediately broadcast it out into this quantum field and it immediately exists as what we would call a Quantum Probability Wave. Now we’re doing this every single second of course. The trick to manifesting what it is you want is to give it sufficient attention – just as Jon talked about altering a reading prediction by engaging in ritual, if you give a goal sufficient time, energy and expectation, you Quantum Create it as a definite thing – something that exists at a point in space and time. Of course we can say it exists from the moment you think of it – but your perception of linear time makes it look like you haven’t got it yet.

The amazing thing about what quantum physics is teaching us about the universe and therefore ourselves, is that the universe is renewed on a sub-atomic level every few seconds. The universe is engaged in a never-ending dance of creation and transformation. Sub-atomic particles are destroyed and in the moment they die they give birth to new ones. Most sub-atomic particles have a life of just a few billionths of a second. Which means that in the time you have been reading this article the universe has been totally renewed and re-created many many times.

Imagine everything being wiped clean and restored – just slightly differently, every trillionth of a second or so. Also, when a particle is created, it is instantly travelling at the speed of light (or faster if those neutrinos are anything to go by!). We are also made from the same particles which means we are also travelling at the speed of light too.

Every moment is therefore a new beginning – a fresh start in a brand new universe. The chance to change our thoughts and intentions and begin again. When we look at life this way we can see every second as an opportunity to change and use this knowledge for empowerment and to manifest our goals. So, if someone ever tells you it’s too late – quantum mechanics begs to differ. A brand new reality is created every single moment. Your power is quite literally in the now.


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