Reclaim Your Creativity! How We Can Re-Connect To Our Own Unique Genius

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Reclaim Your Creativity!

How We Can Re-Connect To Our Own Unique Genius

As part of my Quantum Creating techniques, I’ve been emphasising that we are all unique; and we are all given our own unique gifts. Often, confusion about our soul path arises when we become separated from our passion; and we lose track of what it is we’re here to do.

This can happen for any variety of reasons. Sometimes, our goals and dreams are mocked by the very people who should encourage or support us. Other times our energy gets diverted into day-to-day living; and life seems to be a struggle, leaving us little or no time or energy to re-connect to pursue our goals. This stops us from reaching our full potential. So how do we re-connect back to our potential?

The Research

As far back as 1968, a researcher called George Land started a test to measure children’s creativity. He used a test devised by NASA to recruit the most innovative minds they can find. He tested the children at age 5, again at 10, at 15 and so on. The results may surprise you. In the first round of tests which used 1600 children, a staggering 98% of the children scored at the genius level. However – by the time they were all 25, only 2% of the same group scored in the genius level. The conclusion Land came to was that being creative is natural and being non-creative is learned behaviour!

So, if you’ve lost your creative mojo and want to re-connect to your inner genius what can you do? The good news is that creativity can be re-learned and you can reconnect to your powerful original version of you, putting you back on your soul path.


Michael Gelb, author of the bestseller How to Think like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day says all learning starts with imitation – and it’s the same for learning (or re-learning) creativity. “The great thing about being an adult is that we can choose who we want to imitate,” he reminds us. There are seven basic steps we can all take to reconnect to the creative genius we’ve lost touch with. Gelb lists them as Curiosity, Learning From Experience, Sharpening the Senses, Embracing Change, Whole Brain Thinking, Balancing Your Body and Mind and finally your Connections to Others. In other words – a recipe for soul and spiritual development as well as creativity!

If 98% of us score in the genius range when it comes to being creative when we’re young, it follows that our creativity is still there – just waiting to be re-awakened. Many people lead lives that limit their potential simple because they are unaware they were once self-expressive, unique soul geniuses. So, start by taking the first step – Curiosity and find out what talents or abilities you’ve been keeping hidden – both from yourself and the world.

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