Science and spirituality – Quantum reality

You might be familiar with the idea from quantum mechanics that it’s possible for subatomic particles – the bits that make up everything in the universe, including you – to be in two places at once. But maybe you’ve thought that’s more science fiction than fact, or thought ‘wow!’ and then gone back to worrying about everyday things we struggle with like getting to work on time or paying bills.

Please watch this fabulous Ted Talk from physicist Aaron O’Connell, because when he started he couldn’t see what the theory or early experiments had to do with our daily lives either. That was, unless he could show that it would work with an object that you could see with the naked eye.

Aaron explains everything so beautifully.  He talks about particles being a bit like us in that we do all sorts of things when we are on our own, and then behave totally differently when someone else shows up.  And instead of just going ‘wow!’ when he heard it was possible for particles to be in two places at once, meaning that anything made of particles could be in two places at once, meaning everything, he set out to test it.

He has won awards for his work, but really it’s just the beginning.  Perhaps we’re not quite sure what to do with all of the amazing things that scientists are discovering about the universe just yet.  But even if we haven’t figured out how to put them all to work right now, it’s just as important that we can start to get really excited and curious about where it might take us and the possibilities each one could open up. Maybe one day you won’t have to be rushing to get to work as one of you can leap straight there whilst the other one steals an extra hour in bed and then does something wonderful.  Who knows?  We’re only at the beginning.

Aaron’s view of what we know about particles and how they are like us is absolutely fascinating.  Both particles and we behave differently according to what’s around us.  In other words, we are constantly interacting with our environment.  How our environment shapes who we are is of huge interests to psychologists, where it’s agreed that our social groups and society have a huge influence on us.  Even the labels we are given dictate what we are capable of.  At the same time, we are profoundly influenced by the ideas or memes that fly around and infect our minds.

This is why from the dawn of time spiritual masters have talked about the importance of mastering what goes on in our heads, so that we can rise above the influence of anything around us and use our focus like magicians.  You’ll find loads of articles on here that will help you do that as it’s so fundamental to becoming a creator within your life.

And in the meantime, I hope you enjoy Aaron’s talk!

loads of love,

Michele x

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