Soul Path SOS: Your Dream Job Is a Nightmare

You’ve done your quantum creating and backed it up with the steps you needed to take to get your desired result – congratulations, you’ve landed that dream job! Three months in however – your dream job has morphed into a nightmare. The boss from hell that makes Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada look like the Dalai Lama. Backbiting, unfriendly co-workers wallowing in a toxic slew of gossip and office politics. An inflexible and archaic management. A workload that even 10 clones of you couldn’t handle. The list can include any mix of these things. If our dream job has turned into a nightmare it often gets us questioning ourselves, our abilities and our soul path. We were sure this was what we wanted. How come we can’t handle it or after all our work on manifesting it’s now turned out so differently to what we imagined? Are we really on the right path after all and most importantly, what do we do now? Do we quit and cut our losses? What will people say – especially employers when our CV’s reflect the short stay in the position? Do we tough it out? Have we lost our way entirely?

In the present day economy we’re told we should be grateful to have any job at all. Much less one that may be perceived by many as ‘ideal’. But anyone who understands Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs will tell you that once your basic needs are covered, you’ll automatically yearn for more. You may have your dream job, a home, a partner, children, a designer wardrobe and still wonder, ‘Is that all there is?

When we set out on our soul path we feel a deep need to discover our true calling and for a career that reflects that. Often for many of us this career is a big step up from where we are at present. Therefore if we feel we’ve ‘got there’ there’s now a huge barrier to letting it go – we feel we have not been true to our path or that we’ve misunderstood our calling. If you’re in this position take a step back. Is it the company and people you’re working with and not the actual job? If you transplanted your role into a totally different organisation which didn’t have the problems you’re experiencing would you now feel the passion and joy you once did?

Alternatively, as our ‘dream’ jobs often do represent big steps up, just who are you trying to impress by staying in a job you hate? Your co-workers you may not like? Your family, partner or friends? The key to truly living our soul path is to be true to ourselves. Obviously nobody should put themselves in a precarious financial position by just quitting unless they can well afford to, but if the job is not what you thought it would be then let go of what other people will think (and that includes new employers) and start to take action to change the situation by applying for something new.

We may realise that our creating centered solely around the role and not the people we were going to be working with or the organisation itself. If this is the case then ensure that your quantum creating techniques include these elements as you go about your search again.

However, our goals sometimes change as we do and on occasion you may find yourself manifesting a goal only to find it no longer fits you. If that’s the case please don’t beat yourself up about it. Another key to living an authentic life is learning and evolving. Acknowledge you have changed and what you have learned from the situation. Above all, don’t keep going for appearances sake or because you’re worried what others may think. Start to explore new options for yourself.  Personally, I’ve always believed that when you do what you love, the money will follow, and what you love may end up surprising you. It may not be “cool”, and it’s not always everyone else’s idea of a brilliant career but it may be a true reflection of who you are and what you have to give to the world.

We can’t all be internet entrepreneurs, movie stars, or win The Apprentice, but all of us can try to be happy. Some people choose to do jobs that may not pay very much but bring them huge satisfaction. Others may cut back hours (and pay) for a better work/life balance.

If you’re worried about someone thinking you’re a failure, ask yourself why their opinion counts. Don’t choose appearing to be happy and successful to others. Choose to be really happy instead. And that begins by being true to yourself.


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