Soul SOS: Help Me Find My Purpose!

We’re told that we all come here with a specific purpose or soul path and gifts we have to share with others. If we’re operating from a spiritual perspective that sounds completely logical. So, if that’s the case then why are so many of us feeling lost and don’t seem to have the faintest clue about what we’ve come here to do? We then spend years beating ourselves up about this because we tell ourselves that unlike others, we have no path or purpose! What’s more once we get into this mindset we end up doing nothing – and where does that get us? Nowhere. It also doesn’t do anyone else any good either as if we’re not aligned with our purpose then the world or other people don’t get to benefit from what we could bring to it. So, we can say reconnecting to our purpose is one of the most important spiritual tasks we can undertake.

Notice I said ‘reconnecting’. Because the thing is when we’re young, most of us DO know our purpose but we don’t see it as that. It’s that thing we loved to do but we got told it wasn’t appropriate for us in some way – either we should have ‘grown out of it’ or if we wanted to fit in we had to stop doing or talking about it. Or we were told we couldn’t do it for some reason – that we would never be good enough at it or that we wouldn’t make a living from doing it or that our parents sadly could no longer afford to pay for us to do it – or for us to do it in the first place. So, we gave it up and in doing so we gave away not just our purpose, but a huge part of who we are in the process.

We may find our minds straying back to that ‘thing’ when we’re sitting at the job we loathe  What have you given up that you used to enjoy and now you come to think about it, the thought of having given it up makes you feel miserable? Chances are that contains in some way the key to your purpose. Think back to your childhood and especially your teens. Chances are something you loved to do back then will lead you back to the path you’ve strayed from. Now, if you wanted to be a professional athlete and are now in your ‘30’s or 40’s, I’m not saying that you may necessarily be able to train to be an Olympian. But there are many, many jobs connected to sports that could turn out to be your soul calling – sports psychologist, sports photographer, sports journalist, physiotherapist or even training to run a marathon – all these paths and more could be open to you. The idea is to take that first step back on the path and then to trust that the universe will then lead you in the right direction.

For some of us, just expressing our purpose is sufficient and we won’t actually have to be earning a living from it. But it’s funny that once you set off on this path, it very often takes over and brings you not just soul rewards but financial ones too. So, don’t just sit there and wonder what your purpose was. Remember it by reconnecting to what you loved in the past and understand there’s no such thing as taking a wrong turn on this journey. It doesn’t matter where you start it – all paths lead to your purpose in the end.

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