Quantum Creating Supercharge: Love Your Soul Path!

If you want to shift your Quantum Creating practice into high gear there’s one sure-fire way to do this. It’s being grateful for where you are right now – before the changes you’re seeking to make manifest. In other words – it’s loving your soul path – the path that’s yours to walk and yours alone, and not comparing your journey to other people’s.

Here’s what often happens. We become so focussed on how our path is differing from that of our friends, that we block the possibilities that are there for us and because of this we become focussed on what we don’t have, rather than what we do. One example of this would be that everyone in your group seems to have found the right partner, are settling down and buying property but this just doesn’t seem to be happening for you. You’re still single and renting. You start to feel left out, left-behind and that you have to be doing something wrong! As a result you continue to focus on the fact that you DON’T have a partner and CAN’T afford to buy a home at present. While we can understand this and most of us have been in this situation to one degree or another at some time in our lives, once we start to do this we derail our Quantum Creating process on several levels without realising it. First of all, all we are broadcasting to the universe are messages about what we don’t have. This does not put us in a place of abundance, it puts us in a place of lack. If we begin to believe there is something wrong with us or we are doing something wrong, then this just compounds the problem. Second, we are forgetting that we all have our own soul journeys which we agreed to before we arrived here. What is happening with your friends is their journey at this point in time. It’s not ours and in the same way that we are all unique individuals, so are our journeys. Third and most important of all – when we continue to compare our journey to others and to focus on what we don’t have right now we lose our connection to GRATITUDE. Gratitude is the secret ingredient that supercharges our soul path and Quantum Creating process. We are grateful for the experiences and what we have right now, and aren’t comparing them to what others have. The moment we shift our thinking this way, we open up to new possibilities and a way for the universe to send us more things to be grateful for.

Instead of focussing on what others have and you don’t, the trick is to focus on the potential contained in your own present situation. Let’s just re-visit that scenario again from this kind of perspective. Your friends are settling down and buying homes and you are single and renting. Well, your friends now have serious financial responsibilities and what’s more, when we have a partner decisions have to be made jointly if we want to partnership to work. Stability and commitment are wonderful things but they close off soul path possibilities that are actually open to you. Because you don’t have a partner or a mortgage you have the freedom to explore all kinds of avenues that are now closed to them. For example, you may decide to save your money and then travel overseas for a year. If you’re renting you can give up your apartment and just rent another when you get back. You can down-size your home if you wanted to open a business or return to study whereas if you have a mortgage you may worry about doing this and selling your home to downsize may result in you losing money. You also would have to talk through your decisions with your partner to see if it is workable for you both. As it stands, you only have to make it work for you.

If you truly feel stuck and in limbo, gather all your strength and focus and change your routine. If we repeat the same thing everyday we are liable to get the same result. Changing patterns, even in a small way can be incredibly powerful. Ask for support, work on your relationship with you and do things differently even if they are small things.

No matter what it is you are trying to create in your life, the message here is not to be envious or feel you are doing anything wrong if others appear to be getting what you want and you don’t. Focus on the potential your soul path contains and be open to the fact that the path you are taking is in fact taking you towards your desires – and by a route that offers you wonderful, unexpected experiences and opportunities along the way. Recognise the fact your soul path is filled with potential meant for you and you alone. Be grateful for your own unique journey to get to your goals and you’ll get there so much faster.

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